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    Been wanting a Blackberry for some time, and finally bought first one yesterday. But adding my godaddy email account to BB appears to have deleted everything existing in my GoDaddy boxes. (A thousand or so messages in inbox, plus another thousand or so in assorted folders.)

    GoDaddy's response to my (*panicked*!!) email was that they could restore using one of their nightly backups. I'd lose only whatever was received the day of the "incident" (yesterday). Ok I can live with that. Chalk it up to being a bonehead about the way I do my email.

    But I haven't arranged for that with GoDaddy because a part of their explanation scares me. They say, "It appears that your Blackberry was not set to leave the messages on the server, and may have summarily deleted them the first time it connected. The reason you saw 'ghost' links to messages that did not exist anymore is because you were viewing a cached version of your Inbox. Once you actually logged out and back in, it was not cached anymore, and displayed the result of the Blackberry's connection; an empty inbox."

    This is why I'm posting here: I worry about what happens on my BB when several thousand new emails appear.

    Assume I go and restore the mail with Go Daddy. What happens on the BB? Crash and burn? (I actually expressed apprehension about this possib. when the USCellular clerk offered to help me set up one of my email accounts on the blackberry yesterday, but went ahead when he reassured me that the BB would only be get the messages coming in after the BB set up. Doubtless my first mistake, I know, but what can I say. I wanted to get up and using the BB ASAP.

    On other hand, if I delete the blackberry account first, then have godaddy restore, what's to stop the whole thing from happening again when I add the BB account again?

    Because when I go to the BB account site (uscellular.blackberry.com), I can't find any way to choose a "leave on server" option. And there was no such option given when I and the clerk set up the account the first time, either.

    The only place I could see it coming up would be if I were using an Outlook account. (GoDaddy's online help also talks about Outlook accounts.) But I work on a mac, and I have never used outlook. And frankly, if I have to go to outlook to get the BB to work, I'm not going to be a happy camper at all.

    Sorry to be so longwinded. But as the subject line says, I'm a newbie and confused.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
    04-09-09 06:46 AM