1. Morten's Avatar
    After it became a part of BIS to sync addressbook I wanted to set up a two-way sync with my BB.

    But - I have 3 issues I hope someone can help me solve:

    #1: On my BB, I have addresses using the two address fields, city field and country field, - after syncing with Gmail - all those fields are merged together to one single long line and mess up my BB contact

    #2: On my BB, I have many birthdays registered, after sync, not all, but most of them are set to "none"

    #3: On BB, I also have contacts using the PIN field, after sync, most of them are gone....

    Before Contact sync became a part of BIS I also tried the Gmail Sync App, but that messed up even more - I ended up having information "floating" between my contacts - work number from one contact suddenly appeared for another contact etc...

    All I want, is my Sync to work,.. please anyone - help...

    After BIS 3.2 was rolled out - at least for me - the calendar now syncs perfect with my BB.

    10-21-10 09:17 AM
  2. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    I can't help with issues 2 and 3 because I haven't see those. The address issue I have experienced and there is no way around it. I just put in the addresses on one line. Or, you can just not sync your contacts.
    10-21-10 09:43 AM
  3. Morten's Avatar
    Yea - to just put on my blindfold and "accept" that addresses end up on one big line is one thing... but - its kinda weird that this solution can be an accepted one...

    Our Blackberrys are professional devices - and the address book is one of the more important things on it - and in 2010 it IS a small thing to make sure fields are mapped correctly and synced correct ...

    I consider both RIM and Google to be professional in what they do - and I expected them to have their issues fixed when they released the sync as a part of BIS instead of having to rely on a 3rd party sync app.

    With regards to the disappearing PIN and Birthdays, this must also just be some bugg - cause it dont happen to all. For birthdays I could also understand certain issues - like different formats etc... but then it should happen to all - and not just for some. The same goes for PIN... why not all?

    We need reliable sync that not only gives us access to address book on device and on web, but also that can be used for backup purpose, in case of lost device or accidental deletions....

    I want to know IF the PIN is synced at all - to some hidden fields on Gmail, or - if its just skipped since Gmail dont have that field... If it is skipped - then I want to know WHY the PIN field on the BB is cleared after sync...

    Please RIM,... or Google,... Give us something that works... For some of us this is not a game, we actually need to RELY on our devices.
    10-21-10 10:14 AM
  4. Mick70RR's Avatar
    I had the same problem losing PIN entries on the phone. I added a PIN field to Google contacts and it sorted it out.
    10-21-10 01:33 PM