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    Hello all!

    I'm a new Blackberry user, indeed few days ago I've gave up my iPhone and I took a Bold 9700. I'm really happy with it, it's fast (especially compared to the iPhone 3G…), handy and I love the keyboard. But unfortunately I've spent the two last days (full time!) trying to set up my BB with my Gmail account and so far it's unsuccessful

    I know that this problem have been dealt quit a lot of time on this forum (and others, such as Google's one) but strangely I haven't found a proper answer thus I'm seeking for your help here. I've set-up my Gmail account directly via the BB browser (I later found that the URL was taiwanmobile dot blackberry dot com), everything went smoothly. I now have a new inbox with a new message saying (roughly) that I'll start to receive my messages within 20 mins.

    Few mins later I received this message :

    Your @gmail email messages aren't being delivered to your BB. To receive your email messages, turn on the IMAP setting for all mail in your @gmail.com account
    Ok…my IMAP is already on and worked fine for the past 4 years but still, going to my gmail account, deactivate and re-activate the IMAP. I then got back to my BB and tried to "Validate" the account…few mins later I received the same message. I erase the account and I create a new one directly via the email setup application this time, same result, it asks me to turn on my IMAP.

    Some friends told me that I should set up the email account directly on the carrier website (BIS?) thus I'm going to taiwanmobile DOT blackberry DOT com, erase my current account and I try to create a new one by typing my PIN and my IMEI but then, I have a "You can't use this this website with your HTML browser, you must your your BB browser"….

    Last night I reluctantly (these people lack of common senses…) tried to seek help from my carrier but, as expected, I was really close to murder the sales guy when he repeated for the 18th time that I should check my IMAP setting or that I should use a new email from Taiwan Mobile…

    Finally last night I hard erased ("Security Swipe"), I've change my gmail password (just in case but I do it every month) to finally find out that nothing has changed.

    So I guess that you guys are my last hope, Have I missed anything on the process that could help me to get my mails on my BB ?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for that long post.
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    Ha! I have something new!

    I try to add an another Gmail account and it worked! Thus is not a problem from Taiwan Mobile or RIM like I could read somewhere else. Thus something (an options/configuration) is preventing my Blackberry to communicate with my Gmail account.

    I still don't see what it can be (yes my IMAP is working fine!) but it makes the research easier I guess.

    Any idea ?
    04-14-10 05:36 AM
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    You should see if you have a email setup icon on your options screen after pressing the menu key. I don't think setting it up through the browser will work. If you do, delete the bad account and the email setup will walk you through it. Good luck!

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    04-14-10 07:11 AM
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    Have you read this? Found searching for "gmail validate".

    04-14-10 07:44 AM
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    Ha! I did but the link wasn't working!

    All works fine now, the culprit indeed was Gmail Labs!

    Thx for your help guys!
    04-14-10 09:32 PM