1. djpfine's Avatar
    I followed the instructions/advice of others on here and setup Gmail with IMAP on my BB. When I read a message on my BB, it syncs just fine with Gmail and is marked as read when accessing Gmail via a browser. However, if I read a message in Gmail, it does not update the BB copy to show as being read.

    Any suggestions on how I can fix it so that the read/unread tags are synced both ways?
    12-05-07 11:37 AM
  2. wolfscmb's Avatar
    currently Google's IMAP is not a fully supported function for mobile phones ... it also kills the PUSH email and forces you into POLL email ... I had IMAP set up for a few days but ended up killing it till they have more support for it ...
    12-05-07 12:34 PM
  3. djpfine's Avatar
    Thanks. If I switched back to POP, then I'd be receiving email instantly, but then would absolutely lose any type of read/unread/archive/delete sync between the two, correct?
    12-05-07 01:14 PM
  4. wolfscmb's Avatar
    i never saw any way to archive with the IMAP feature on the BB ... but yes ... you would loose the read/unread/delete funtionality if you switched back to PUSH ... your currently using POP with IMAP ...
    12-05-07 01:18 PM