1. wibblyw's Avatar
    I'm seriously thinking of switching my domains to the free Google Apps infrastucture

    "google dot com slash a" (I'm under ten posts here)

    One issue is what seems to be the varied reliability of GMail/BIS integration as I can't introduce a Gmail account to my BIS account without the 'full integration' taking place, right?


    1. Anyone using Google Apps with their own domain and a Blackberry BIS account?

    2. How reliable is Gmail used with a Blackberry BIS account these days? I use a generic email service that pushes (redirects) mail to my BB's own email addresss. It's instant and reliable. Am I going to be disappointed if I move to GMail integration instead?
    11-14-07 09:58 AM
  2. rrrebo's Avatar
    My POP3 gmail gets pushed right to my BB directly. I haven't messed with the IMAP support yet, but others have.
    11-14-07 10:00 AM