1. rifkadvera's Avatar
    I just switched from a Curve with T Mobile to a Tour with Verizon. With the Curve, when I sent email from my internet Gmail application, a copy would go to my Curve. Now, no copies appear on my Tour.

    RIM says that function was never possible and they have no idea how it worked for me previously. That you can never access messages sent from Gmail online on your device. I had been doing so for years.

    I tried setting a Gmail filter for all emails from my Gmail address to be forwarded to my vzw.blackberry.com account. The "test" for the filter displays the correct emails but no messages are forwarded. I also tried to have it forwarded to the same Gmail address (not allowed), a separate Yahoo account and a totally new gmail account with no luck.

    I need to find a way to have all messages sent from my desktop/internet Gmail show up on my device. Any advice is appreciated.
    02-21-10 09:39 AM