01-16-08 08:40 PM
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  1. rhuston502's Avatar
    Im still experiencing a 7-10 minute lag in delivery to my verizon 8130 bb when receiving gmail emails. Ive been sending test emails and consistantly they are arriving late. Ive tried a battery pull, resending the service books, and deleting then adding the email account...still a delay.

    anyboy else have any ideas?? this has only recently been a problem, the past two weeks. I got the phone in early december 2007 and gmail was always instant....until around xmas.
    01-04-08 03:48 PM
  2. jsanders's Avatar
    Deleting your gmail setup from the BIS account, and re-adding it might help. No harm in trying.
    01-04-08 03:49 PM
  3. rhuston502's Avatar
    I tried that too....still a delay.
    01-04-08 03:53 PM
  4. jsanders's Avatar
    01-04-08 03:56 PM
  5. Denny_Crane's Avatar
    I am on hotmail and my delay was always between 1-20 minutes. What I did as a work around was took my hotmail account off my BB and set up an @blackberry.net email which is instant. Then I set my hotmail account to forward everything to my @BB email so I get it instantly. Then I set my phone to reply showing my hotmail address. It works flawlessly and instantly. The only negative is that when I delete emails on my phone I cannot delete them from my hotmail account. So essentially when I get home I have to look at all the same emails again. Well worth it though.

    On a side note I had a friend who used gmail and she said she always experienced delays getting email on her BB using BIS. But I have heard many people on the forums swear that its instant. In can't say because I don't use it.

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    01-04-08 09:36 PM
  6. rhuston502's Avatar
    How did you get your hotmail address to show in the sent field if your hotmail account wasn't set up on your phone? Also, when someone replied to that email, would it go to hotmail than forward to the BB address or would it go straight to the BB address

    Thanks for trying to help!

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    01-04-08 10:09 PM
  7. Denny_Crane's Avatar
    On the BIS site through Telus/BlackBerry when I created my @BB email address there is an option to reply from, and I put my hotmail address in. I did it before removing my hotmail account but I'm not sure if that matters.

    On a side note again, is there a delay on wap.crackberry.com? I got the email saying that you had posted to a thread I was subscribed to buy when I logged on to wap.crackberry.com and entered this thread your post and my last post did not show up. I had to keep checking back and it finally showed up about half an hour later. On Howard Forums wap site it is always up to date. I am new to crackberry though...is there something I'm missing?

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    01-04-08 10:40 PM
  8. rhuston502's Avatar
    I'm not sure about the posts but everytime you add a post I get an email sent to my gmail and they are showing up instantly on my BB. I guess there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It seems that I get more of a delay during the day than at night. Not sure if that should matter

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    01-04-08 10:48 PM
  9. moyjoy's Avatar
    Last night I kept getting a timeout for my gmail (i use the app). This morning it was fine. I have another friend who uses gmail as his mail BIS email and his whole bberry was down until today. It kept giving him a java error and rebooting.
    01-04-08 10:50 PM
  10. coolwhipdefuser's Avatar
    I use gmail through BIS and it only takes about 4-7 seconds to receive an email.
    01-05-08 10:35 AM
  11. rhuston502's Avatar
    Hey don't brag I don't know what the deal is. Sometimes its instant. Sometimes it isn't. Its annoying!

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    01-05-08 11:14 AM
  12. Denny_Crane's Avatar
    Use my trick posted above.
    01-05-08 11:26 AM
  13. rhuston502's Avatar
    Ill try it. Is there any way to check the BB email from a desktop too or is the BB address strictly for the BB?

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    01-05-08 11:31 AM
  14. Denny_Crane's Avatar
    Not from what I have been told. Apparently RIM used to have a web based email you could use, but people were leaving messages on the servers so they disabled any/all access to your BB email except from your phone.
    01-05-08 11:33 AM
  15. cate's Avatar
    has the speed improved?
    01-05-08 01:00 PM
  16. jwadejr9's Avatar
    I used to use gmail and it was delivered instantly but always had a small problem with repeating my outgoing messages. Instead of trying to deal with it, I set up a @BB account. I had several other accuonts that I used as well. My all inclusive answer was to set all of my accounts to forward to my @BB account which is instant. Then when you go to your email setup, as seaners said, change your reply to address to your gmail addy. This makes all outgoing email appear as if its from my gmail. This way, people will eventually start sending to my gmail instead. This process is instant and if my BB is in a good service area, usually only takes about 3 seconds to forward from gmail/comcast to @BB then hit my phone. Cant complain
    01-05-08 02:42 PM
  17. macnkat's Avatar
    My gmail hits my BB faster than my laptop. With my BB sitting right next to the laptop it announces my email before the laptop.

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    01-05-08 08:35 PM
  18. John Clark's Avatar
    I used to use gmail and it was delivered instantly but always had a small problem with repeating my outgoing messages.

    There's a much easier fix for the sent items returning to your BB...

    GMail Sent Items

    Gmail does have slow-downs now and then, but for the most part it's pretty quick. Quicker than most other mail providers. The forwarding to a BB address works but eventually you will get spam to that address. Also, you can't have the option of deleting from the gmail account when you delete from your berry.
    01-05-08 11:57 PM
  19. Denny_Crane's Avatar
    Why spam? Hotmail's junk mail filter should catch most of it and if you're not giving out you @BB email to anyone I would think you'd be fine. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

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    01-06-08 12:01 AM
  20. John Clark's Avatar
    You can get spam on your @BB address without ever giving it to anyone. It has happened to many. I had one that I only used for forwarding...never gave out to anyone or posted anywhere. After a few months it started getting spam as did many other @BB users. That's when I deleted the @BB address.

    Just my $.02
    01-06-08 12:24 AM
  21. Denny_Crane's Avatar
    Interseting. I've only had my @BB email address for a couple weeks now but I hope that doesn't happen. If it does I could just get a new @BB email addeas right? BB won't limit me to just one will they? Because it doesn't really matter to me how much I change it because I don't give it out to anyone. I just have to update my forwarding.

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    01-06-08 12:28 AM
  22. John Clark's Avatar
    You only get one. I think you have to delete it and you can get another but I'm not sure. I never did that. I just went to GMail and all my problems went away. I was using a Charter address before that and it got spam. GMail=no spam.
    01-06-08 12:31 AM
  23. Denny_Crane's Avatar
    I don't want to change from hotmail to gmail though. What is a Charter address?

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    01-06-08 12:33 AM
  24. mvanderlinden's Avatar
    Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but lately my emails to gmail have been getting delayed for up to about 15 minutes. This started happening in the last few weeks; didn't happen before then (used to be immediate).

    I created an att.blackberry.net account and emails to that address hit instantly. I have two separate gmail addresses and emails arrive delayed to both of them, both set up correctly.

    Anyone experiencing this problem?
    01-14-08 12:56 AM
  25. tomdick's Avatar
    dont know if any one opinted this out but the blackberry pulls email about every 3 mins if you do this http://forums.crackberry.com/f2/newb...my-story-7497/
    then its insta but you reply with the @blackberry.com
    01-14-08 08:51 AM
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