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    What is going on with Gmail lately? I've had my Bold since Jan, and I never had any problems with Gmail being PUSHed to my phone almost immediately. But for the past couple of weeks, it's been delayed up to 15 min. What's crazy is I'm notified of new emails on my iPhone (15 min fetch) first, before it comes through on my Bold a lot of times. Do the recent delays and outages have to do with new BIS update?
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    I have the same trouble. I looked at the google help forums and this seems to currently be a problem for a lot of people. I think the general concensus is that it is indeed (hopefully) tied to them getting the new system running.

    It kinda defeats the advantage of having a BB for push when it's taking as long as it is...

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    I wish mine were just delayed at this point... I haven't been receiving Gmail over IMAP for the last couple of days
    03-18-09 09:56 AM