1. bdguru's Avatar
    I have been cutting and pasting on my 8330. Once I paste the item and then go to text a mess in the options paste shows up. How can I get this to go away?
    02-17-09 07:35 PM
  2. Tremortality's Avatar
    I dont think you can clear the paste option. The best thing to do if you are worried about accidentally sending something to the wrong person is to copy something else like a blank space or a period.
    02-17-09 07:43 PM
  3. Rizzleman716's Avatar
    ^ Yes follow that. Or turn the phone off, or pull the battery. But try the above post.
    02-17-09 07:46 PM
  4. rockigirl's Avatar
    Thats a good idea, I must try that. I occasionally run into this issue as well.
    02-17-09 07:57 PM
  5. Kronk's Avatar
    Options>Security Options>Memory Cleaner>Enable

    The memory cleaner clears private information, and also clears the "Clipboard" of any copied text.

    It will do it on a predetermined interval, or you can manually clean it from the menu option.
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    02-17-09 08:47 PM
  6. davoid's Avatar
    That's cool - I didn't know about memory cleaner, and mine was disabled!

    I don't see what the problem is though with having Paste function available... It makes sense that you might want to paste some data more than once.

    Appart from memory use, that is.

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    02-17-09 09:02 PM
  7. Tremortality's Avatar
    Good call Kronk. I had forgotten mem cleaner did the clipboard. I enabled it at one time until I realized it was wiping all my logins to websites out so I disabled it again. Forgot you could selectively wipe what you wanted........ Appreciate it....
    02-17-09 09:07 PM
  8. Kronk's Avatar
    The Memory Cleaner should not be wiping logins. That is done when you clear the cookies out of your browser cache.
    02-17-09 09:13 PM
  9. Tremortality's Avatar
    Interesting. I knew about the cache clearing wiping them out. Now that I think about it I did them both the same day so I incorrectly assumed it was the mem cleaner. Thanks again.
    02-17-09 09:27 PM
  10. Kronk's Avatar
    No problem.
    02-17-09 09:31 PM