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    Hi, I have a quick question..
    I bought my Blackberry from someone over the internet.. I've been having problems with the network but other then that it works fine. I called my provider (Rogers) and they gave me many tutorials on how to fix it. Unfortunately I was unable to fix the problem so they told me to go to the nearest Rogers store, buy a SIM card and call them so that they can pretty much pay for it by putting credit on my account. Prior to this when I was talking to the person over the phone I flipped because they were not being much help.. He put his supervisor on the phone and that's when I was told to buy a SIM card and so on, and so on.. He then told me that if the SIM card did not fix the problem that he will make sure my phone gets replaced. BUT I bought it over the internet. I knew that would effect my phone being replaces so I told him that the phone I am complaining about is my Mom's old Blackberry. He told me it isn't a problem and that on their records it says I got the phone two days ago because that's when I got my Blackberry data plan. I'm still a little nervous about this. What if the SIM card doesn't fix the problem- will they actually replace my phone?
    02-18-11 09:26 PM
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    Not sure why your asking the world. I guess your first issue is try the new sim card then if that don't work moove to next issue which I would think your not going to get a new phone. Strnger things have happened good luck

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    02-18-11 09:38 PM
  3. elsesea's Avatar
    But it's not under warranty or anything, that's my concern.. Like, I bought it online. You still think I'll be able to get a new one? If that's the case..
    02-18-11 10:40 PM
  4. RegN's Avatar
    I certainly don't think you will get a new one under warranty as you don't have any warranty. Cell phone companies only want your money they don't give anything away
    02-18-11 11:04 PM