1. frankthetank2989's Avatar
    I ordered a Verizon Blackberry Pearl 1830 off Ebay and I had a few questions, the first is, will I have to update my bb's OS when i get the phone or is it not needed and also, my friend who has the Storm 2 said that bb app world came with his phone when he got it but the Pearl I am getting doesn't come with app world installed, why is that?

    05-17-10 03:21 PM
  2. coolguy78240's Avatar
    I would recomend downloading the newest version of desktop manager from the blackberry website, and letting it look for updates. Only the newer phones come with a weblink preinstalled you still have to dl yourself. And before some one else rudley calls you on it , its the 8130 . Good luck with your adventure. And welcome to the crackberry nation.
    05-17-10 03:48 PM
  3. Masahiro's Avatar
    If you're going to be looking for apps, I'd recommend waiting for the new 3g Pearl at this point. You can just download app world for the 8100, but it has such little app memory that you wouldn't be able to download too many things anyways.

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    05-17-10 04:12 PM
  4. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Most likely, it will come with the current v4.5xx software. If it does have the earlier v4.2xx software, it is a simple procedure to upgrade to the current level.

    BlackBerry App World is great source for free and commercial applications. As Masahiro points out, the memory space is limited compared to some of the later models. However, I have installed several applications that enhanced the value of my Pearl.
    05-17-10 04:30 PM