1. StoneRyno's Avatar
    I've used movies.com to get movie info and listings for a long time. In fact I don't know if i have used anything else. I don't get why they don't have a mobile optimized version of their site instead of having a 3rd party code software for each and every cellphone out there. But thats how they seem to want to handle accessing their information via mobile devices. So with that said I'm looking for an alternative that is just as good as using movies.com for info and listings that I can use on my 8330. Maybe even in addition to that a what's new in the movies each week. Though this probably would be a part of whatever way I get access to movie info and listings.
    06-12-08 03:26 PM
  2. Garz's Avatar
    I have always used Live Search to get my movie listings.
    06-12-08 03:29 PM
  3. mervynle's Avatar
    Check out Infospace Findit. It has a lot of great feature amongst which are movie listings and a full navigation system. Follow the link below to download directly to your BB

    InfoSpace Find It! for BlackBerry
    06-12-08 03:39 PM
  4. gs warrior 88's Avatar
    06-12-08 03:45 PM
  5. bbsadaj's Avatar
    Live search works pretty well too

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    06-12-08 03:58 PM
  6. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    This would definitely get my vote. On a GPS enabled device you can not only find it but get a map and directions to it. One of the best apps on my BB
    06-12-08 04:00 PM
  7. StoneRyno's Avatar
    Things I do most on movies.com is read the synopsis of the movies, and not as much watch trailers, and the most check movies times and places. I also like to pull up movie info for movies out on DVD at times. But that can alway be done other ways. If all of these can do at least the stuff from the 1st sentence then its just a matter of seeing which one feels the best.
    06-12-08 08:03 PM
  8. xandrex#IM's Avatar
    my movie theater has its own mobile site with movie listings and descriptions and such so that's what I use.

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    06-12-08 08:25 PM
  9. contractorslim's Avatar
    I just got mypoynt haven't used it but twice for yellow pages. I know it has theater listings. Let me know if it helps I have it on my 8330 and incorporates gps

    Poynt download for BlackBerry

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    06-12-08 08:27 PM
  10. FF22's Avatar
    I also just got mypoynt. It does provide movie synopsis as well as cast.
    06-13-08 12:29 AM
  11. NDO's Avatar
    Use poynt. It shows you theatres near u and you can also view the list of movies showing in the theatre of your choice as well as showtimes. This is a great program.
    06-13-08 10:43 AM
  12. linde's Avatar
    I just went to yahoo.com

    I loved being on the golf course and being able to check the movie times for later that night....awesome!
    06-13-08 03:39 PM
  13. StoneRyno's Avatar
    Looks like yahoo movies, infospace, and live messenger will probably work for me. The few that are apps indicate that my device is not supported which is no big deal. I can always use the space for other apps

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    06-13-08 05:25 PM
  14. Miss.Horrible's Avatar
    I used to use Fandango, but then for some reason (out of nowhere) the pages took forever to load. Then as a result would make my BB superslow till I did a battery pull. I still don't know what the cause of this is..

    Now I use Yahoo Local.
    06-13-08 06:01 PM
  15. StoneRyno's Avatar
    I just realized the reason some of those apps posted about here indicated i couldn't get it was because i was using opera to visit the pages. i just loaded mypoynt in the BB browser and downloaded it. So far it looks like a decent app. I also assume the web version of infospace is the same as the BB app? m.tellme.com tells me there isn't a version for my device and allows me to sign up to get a txt when it is. Strange that if it works on one BB why wouldn't it work on others.
    06-16-08 07:53 AM
  16. gameboy213's Avatar
    mypoint beta has issues all the time with listings for me.... and tell me runs really slow, and I have tons of program memory free. I use Live Search and/or Fandango. And if I need to buy tickets I use Pocket Express since you can buy tickets through there application... if you purchased it.
    06-16-08 11:00 AM
  17. kwsmithphoto's Avatar
    Try movies.aol.com. Works swell for me.
    06-16-08 12:50 PM