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    Why would my wife be getting the Same email on her phone B4 I get it on the bb? Could I have it set up wrong? Are am I having a big delay because sprint mobile email at least is a 5 min delay or so.


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    04-23-09 07:41 AM
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    I guess nobody knows about why this would be or I'm having delays
    04-25-09 07:26 AM
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    This thing hapend to me also. I have 8120 and palm centro. With 2 diference service provider. Usually my 8120 receive email before my centro. About up to 3 minutes delay. But some times my bb gone mad and not receiving email until 5 minutes after my centro. I think problem exist between service provider and bb. But I cloud be wrong . Goodluck

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    04-25-09 08:23 AM