1. nigpd's Avatar
    I'm looking at getting BB Protect for my Bold but it has BES active on it at the moment. What are the implications of dumping BES, and what is more, how would I actually go about making it inactive on my phone?

    Thanks in advance for your help
    09-01-11 08:28 AM
  2. trucky's Avatar
    If you have BES on your phone you either have a corporate owned phone or your phone is on the corporate network and controlled by BES. In either case it's not likely going to be up to you to "remove" BES from your device. BES can become inactive from the BES admin side by removing your device from the database.
    09-01-11 10:56 AM
  3. nigpd's Avatar
    The phone was bought through my company that I own and is the only phone the company has. To be honest, I cant remember doing the BES thing, so it must of been something I set up and didnt realise I was doing it

    How do I go about unattaching the phone from BES, and what would the implications be, if any?
    09-01-11 12:12 PM
  4. trucky's Avatar
    From your description, I doubt you have BES. It would be an extra charge on your bill and you would either have your own BES server or be using a third party BES service. What are your indications that you have BES?
    09-01-11 01:11 PM
  5. nigpd's Avatar
    When I tried to install BB Protect, I got the following message

    You cannot install BlackBerry Protect on your BlackBerry device. BlackBerry Protect is not compatible with devices that use a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
    09-01-11 01:30 PM
  6. trucky's Avatar
    Was this a used phone you bought?
    09-01-11 01:33 PM
  7. nigpd's Avatar
    It was bought new by me
    09-01-11 01:36 PM
  8. trucky's Avatar
    I sounds like you somehow have an IT Policy on your phone that makes it think you have BES. If you bought it new I'm not sure where that could come from. If it were a refurb it's possible the IT Policy wasn't removed...
    09-01-11 01:46 PM
  9. trucky's Avatar
    From RIM:

    If the BlackBerry smartphone is not active on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, but BlackBerry Protect still displays this error, it is possible that there is an IT Policy on the smartphone.
    For information on how to remove an IT Policy from a BlackBerry smartphone, please see KB14202 and follow Method 3 if you use BlackBerry Desktop Software for PC, or Method 4 if you use BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac.
    09-01-11 01:47 PM
  10. nigpd's Avatar
    Looks like I need to take it in to my nearest Vodafone shop and get it looked at
    09-01-11 01:48 PM
  11. trucky's Avatar
    Looks like I need to take it in to my nearest Vodafone shop and get it looked at
    That might be your most direct route to success at this point.
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    09-01-11 01:50 PM
  12. nigpd's Avatar
    Thanks for your help anyways. Very much appreciated
    09-01-11 01:56 PM