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    This is something I just tried last week but never realised works. It's possibly a loophole but who cares. I'm on Gmail so not sure bout the rest however.. if they support Imap it should work. This is for all those who have the new and nice blackberries.. want their work emails but dont want to be tied down to BES and all the restrictions your company may place on it.. or have to use a cheap BB like the 8520 which is mostly standard issue with companies for a work phone.

    Here goes..

    1. Set up Imap sync on your work Outlook to sync with your Gmail via Imap.

    2. Create a folder in the Gmail section called Work Emails or whatever.

    3. Set up a rule in Outlook i.e. Copy Emails to Specified Folder ..in this case the folder would be the Work Emails folder you just created in step 2.

    4. Once any email is received in you normal work email Inbox it would be copied to the Work Email folder set up in Gmail... when Outlook Imap then syncs with Gmail you would in turn get the email on your blackberry.. as a new email with notification and all.

    5. The only issue is it's a Client-Only Rule thus.. would only work if your Outlook on your work computer is left on. Thus if you shut down your PC you would not get them.

    Give it a shot and enjoy. Don't tell your IT department as it may be a loophole they decide to block. Also my Outlook sync option is set up to send/receive every 1 minute so there is no delay at all.
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    it sounds interesting can you explain step #1 a little more?
    02-11-12 05:22 PM
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    Alternate idea...

    Go into GMail config, accounts. Set it to check your work email via IMAP. Create a "Work Email" folder in GMail. Set a GMail filter to move all emails with "To:*@workdomain.com" to the "Work Email" folder.

    This will always work, without leaving your work computer on.
    02-11-12 08:21 PM
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    Yeah but thats only if your work email allows you to access it via Imap or POP. In most cases the IT set up blocks it due to security concerns.

    To the previous poster... Step 1 is simply setting up your Outlook at work to sync with you Gmail. i.e. going into Mail settings and set up imap to access your Gmail account. Once the sync is fully set up and u see your Gmail folders in your Outlook.. set up an Outlook rule to copy incoming Emails to one of the Gmail folders.
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    Thanks for the explanation. That wouldn't work for me we have several users on the same computer. I wouldn't want my gmail showing up on their outlook. I do have a back up to BESX where I forward to my blackberr.net account. But I know not all IT persons allow forwarding rules.
    02-14-12 05:18 AM
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    If you still have "that kind" of IT department and you can't leave, send this to the CEO.

    Businesses can no longer afford to make "IT Decisions". They need to make business decisions. The companies that refuse to punt the IT hostage takers aren't going to remain relevant.

    IT's worst addictions (and how to cure them) | It management - InfoWorld
    02-14-12 07:26 AM