1. mogulman's Avatar
    I currently have a Blackberry 8530 with Verizon that I use for work. The earpiece speaker (built-in to the phone) is buzzing, making it distorted and hard to hear what people are saying.

    So... I can probably change to a 9330 Verizon right now.... Or do I wait for the 9350/9360/9370 on Verizon? Will that ever happen? Or maybe wait until my company gets rid of Blackberry and goes with something else?

    It seems like the 9330 is almost the same as the 8530 except for OS6. But the battery life may be worse on the 9330.

    I can use the 8530 for a while using bluetooth headsets if I have to...

    Anyone know something from Verizon? I thought the 9370 was supposed to be here by now.

    Also.. Anyone tried replacing the Earpiece on an 8520/8530? How difficult was it? Did you have to remove the BB Screen Cover? If so, how did you put it back on? or did you purchase a new one with included tape?
    12-15-11 02:44 PM
  2. hondateg91's Avatar
    Honestly I would either just wait or find a used BB off craigslist or ebay to save your upgrade for BB10 phones. The 9930 is a great phone, but OS7 isn't a huge advance over OS6.
    12-15-11 03:03 PM
  3. mogulman's Avatar
    what about the difference between 8530, 9330 and 9370 curves...
    12-15-11 03:08 PM
  4. newcollector's Avatar
    Having moved from a 9800 to a 9810, there is a very big difference between OS 6 and OS7 phones. My suggestion is to try one out at your carrier and then make your decision. You can wait for BB10, but you do not know how long that wait will be or even if you will like the phone (though if it performs like the PlayBook, what is there not to like!).

    OS7 phones are much faster and much more fluid than OS6 phones. You will not be disappointed if you jump to OS7. You can also wait for BB10 phones to hit the market. The problem is we do not know when that will be. Hopefully today when RIMM holds its earnings call for Q3 they will be specific with dates for the new phones. If RIMM isn't specific about upcoming devices, then I would not be too confident in their ability to bring the phones to market in early 2012.
    12-15-11 03:13 PM
  5. cdskidso's Avatar
    You will probably want to research the 9930 if you want to make the move now. It features OS7 not OS6 which has nice features, touch screen which is great along with a very good keyboard. The downside of the OS 7 is many developers are giving up on Blackberry so you will want to make sure apps that you use now have been updated to use on OS 7. One thing that bummed me out is no Micro SD card is included in the price so I just migrated the one that had been included with my storm 2.

    I came from a Storm 2 that was stuck at OS 5 for memory reasons, but really the only
    thing that I am missing now is the full sized screen, but the accuracy of the keypad and the optical mouse made it easy for me to get over the smaller screen size.

    As usual, Verizon is very slow with OS updates. The last official one from Verizon runs pretty well, but a few minor issues could be updated, (it would be nice) but in the several months since the official 9930 OS update, the 9900 has gotten 9 or 10 official or leaked OS updates since that model of this handset is handled by many carriers worldwide. In America, I guess it is just Verizon and it is very apparant now that they just don't care much about Blackberry or Blackberry's customers. It's all about market share and blackberry just does not have much compared to droid and ios.

    When my storm 2 died, I had to really hunt in the Verizon store to even find the 9930 on display. After feeling totally abandoned with the Storm 2, I really was going to go with a Droid but my IT department said that they were in the middle of a systems change-over and if I would have gone with a droid I would have been without my work email account access from the phone for about two months. As an outside rep, that was unacceptable so I was kind of forced to stick with a blackberry and back in October the 9930 seemed like the best choice.

    Good luck in your search.
    12-15-11 03:13 PM
  6. mogulman's Avatar
    Right now I don't have an OS7 phone choice.. unless I buy my own phone. Company only provides Curves.. I would have to buy a bold or a Torch..

    So my options are... try and fix the 8530
    switch to a 9330
    or try and hold out with my defective 8530 a little longer until Verizon gets the 9370 (or similar).
    12-15-11 03:15 PM