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    Hi All,

    As I'm ever growing closer on possibly getting a BB 8830 I'd like to ask the owners of this device a few general questions.

    1) The Trackball.. your thoughts? Hate it or love it?
    (I have a 7520 and i cant get use to the dam thing and it get dirty obviously)

    2) Can you use MP3s for ringtones for individual people/groups/contacts?

    3) Related to question #2: if Yes, can you store them and play from the Mini-SD?

    4) How's Bluetooth? I have a JX-10 which I use on the 7520.

    5) I'm assuming that it uses the same contact/PIM structure as the previous BB models

    6) Overall is this device stable......

    7) Any complaints?

    8) Email good on this? I have my own email server (Linux/POP3). Im not looking for PUSH email but can I retrieve my email normally?

    Thanks to all for any comments I'm extremely open to contrusctive criticism.
    Till then I'll be googling/looking for answers

    For the Record im a Treo700P user looking to convert.. So sway me if you can
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