1. patches0815's Avatar
    So I just wanted to get some feedback from anyone who has used their 8130 Pearl as a modem?

    I currently live in a rural area and our internet options are limited. Therefore, our best option is to use a wireless aircard from our wireless provider, Alltel (now Verizon, I guess). Not as fast as DSL but a million times better than dialup. Occassionally, I travel by myself, staying not in a hotel with a handy dandy wireless connection but with family out of state, and it drives me nutty not having my laptop and an internet connection (gotta leave the aircard at home for the husband).

    How do you think the 8130 as modem connection speed might compare to an aircard?

    I assume I would need to download an app on my laptop to run this... anyone know the easiest way to do that??

    Also, I work from home a few days a week and connect to the network via VPN. Any luck using VPN while using the BB as modem??
    04-26-09 09:06 AM
  2. redsoxrocker's Avatar
    i'm not sure if you're on alltel still or switched over to verizon but you can add a tether plan to your blackberry, allowing you to plug it into your laptop and run internet on it. i think it's an additional $15 a month. call verizon to double check or head over to their website

    oh, and welcome to crackberry!
    04-26-09 09:27 AM