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    Now i am thinking of downloading garmin mobile for my bberry curve 8310 as i tried the 7 day trial and i really like it. I also know its 99.99 for lifetime on the same phone and if i get it from bberry vip lounge it is only 79.99....I am thinking of upgrading my phone to curve 8900 and if i pay the 79.99 i wont be able to carry it over to a new device.... While i have the curve 8310 i want to setup the monthly subscription and does anybody know any software websites that allows you to do it? So far i have only found handango...anybody else is aware of any other sites that allows you to download the garmin mobile on a monthly subscription? Did anybody have hard time cancelling the monthly subscription with handango or any other websites? Please let me know.

    Garmin Mobile for US & Canada (8310, Monthly) : BlackBerry Curve 8310 : Handango
    04-27-09 12:24 PM