10-13-11 12:39 PM
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    Ok, maybe I just got a little hot under the collar but I just know too many people with iPhones that have to let everyone know that they have an iPhone. Like its only a phone at the end of the day,
    I know plenty of people who flash their BBs around.

    but we have customers coming into us saying "ohhh, facetimes never being done before" and then you tell them that video calling has being out for some while but they refuse to believe Apples marketing lies. Yes the iPhone may do things quite flawlessly but it does it at the expense of functionality, e.g. I can video call / video skype any of my mates around the world with a 3G connection, an iPhone you have to have a wifi connection too; not everywhere in the would has a multitude of wifi hotspots.
    FTR, I've yet to use Skype. I don't see the point, especially with BBs not having a front facing camera. It seems silly to keep flipping the phone around so you can talk to the light on the back of the camera during video calls, only to flip it back around to look at the person on the other end of the conversation.

    The main reason I'm considering iPhone over BB is reliability. As far as I know, Apple hasn't had a 3 day service outage. BB admitted they have 2 or 3 a year. For someone who depends on their phone for both work and home life, I have to stay connected and BB isn't dependable.

    There may be no spinning clocks on an iPhone but there is noticeable lag if you time it, the only reason people complain about the spinning clock is because you can see it hence it makes it 'feel' longer. Plus I'm guessing you're talking about the cheaper blackberries, I've had a 9700 and now a 9900 and never had any of the issues you bring up above.
    I fixed the spelling errors in your post before I responded.

    I've had Curves, a Bold and now the Storm2. I've had lags on every single phone I've owned. The Curves are awful. I'll give you that, but the Bold is supposedly RIM's flagship device and if that's the case, wow. Epic fail.

    I've messed with several iPhones and have yet to see any lags. I can't type more than a few letters on my phone before it freezes. If I exit out of a program, it freezes. If I do anything other than let it sit there, it freezes. Admit it or not, but Apple runs circles around RIM when it comes to building quality handsets.
    10-13-11 08:50 AM
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    I've never fully understood the backlash against the Storm 2. At the time of its release, it was a good phone -- better than the HTC Touch Pro 2 I had at the time. After a year of advancements by competitors, the Storm 2's browser felt sluggish, its method of text selection felt clunky, and the lags were noticeable, but bearable. The reboots were annoying, but I figured out a fix. RIM also has to figure out how to reduce the irritatingly long reboot time.

    My experience with the iPhone 3G shows some lag as well, so it's not immune either.

    I am probably in the minority that likes the screen feedback from pressing on the screen.

    Despite what the numbers say about Android, I believe Apple's beating everybody right now. Isn't that scary?

    Well, wait until the corporate world enjoys its $5000 iPhone bill from business travel abroad or from quotas.
    10-13-11 12:39 PM
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