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    I've been a fan of BlackBerry since I was in middle school. I remember having a basic pager that I would pay with by working roofing jobs as a ground laborer during the summer. I never had the opportunity to purchase an original RIM BlackBerry 850. Mainly because you could only get one if you were in the business industry and your company provided them.

    I saw some parents that had the 6720. I wanted it. I wanted to be the person that had that "type" of responsibility. Finally 2003 came and I was able to score myself the 7230. I got that taste and been addicted since. Watching Crackberry grow while I read posts now everywhere as long as I had my baby. Installing an app so I could have AIM on the go floored people.
    I was in college at this point so I could study on the go, email professors, and waste time with Brick Breaker not that Snake game. People were trying to figure out why I would always be on my phone. Reading, typing, scrolling!
    A friend needed a phone and I was at the end of my 2 year agreement and was due for an upgrade. I hesitantly gave up my first love and I regret it everyday. However, I found my true love. My favorite BB device still is the 8700. That baddie was tank. Lightweight but could take a beating. Everything was smooth on it. I know I know everyone says the 9900 or Passport but wait I'll get to that. I even went with a Ford because they inked that deal with BlackBerry for QNX.
    I could continue on and talk about every device I had including both Storms and why I loved them all. They all had their quirks and that's what made them for me. It was the redemptive qualities of the next release. To see where we were going together.
    I never had an opportunity to posses certain models due to carrier availability and contracts. Thus never having a Passport or that beautiful plush big body Bold 9900. I am still trying to collect former models.
    Looking more into where we are going together, I get a bit shook. I had to wait a year to grab a KEYᵒⁿᵉ, used nonetheless, while some devices aren't even compatible with my carrier. The future freaks me out and here is why I made this post.

    I am sitting here just admiring the KEYᵒⁿᵉ, enjoying sending emails, scrolling social media, and watching videos I took on vacation and I am thinking will it end? I hope that BlackBerry and BlackberryMobile can continue on long after I am gone but I do not want it the other way around. I always said BlackBerry till I die and if that happens I will leave cellular phones all together. Quote me.

    I wonder, how many out there think that there is an end in sight or do we see BlackBerry and BlackberryMobile gaining ground that could keep them here for the long term?Future of BlackBerry and BlackberryMobile-img_20180810_1709177.jpgFuture of BlackBerry and BlackberryMobile-img_20180809_1249024-panorama.jpg
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