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    i was on the crapper at work, with a guy in the stall next to me (sorry if this is lewd but its pretty funny). this happened to be the day pandora came out, and i was installing it on my work 8330.

    soooo, i type "the rolling stones" into pandora to make my new station. takes a while to load up, i close out of pandora to check my email and figure ill do it later.

    few seconds later "I CANT GET NO SATISFACTION" starts bumping out of the speakers. im frantically trying to stop the song but aren't familiar with the controls yet. sooo, i do a batt pull, clean myself up and manage to get out of the bathroom before the guy next to me leaves the stall and can see who i am.

    close call, right? well a few days later i walk into one of my bosses office, and were going over a project. my phone rings (i usually keep it on vibrate) and i pull it out quickly, turn it off and keep talking. after we finish our discussion, i apologize for my phone and he says to me "as long as youre not listening to classic rock on the shltter anymore im OK"

    anybody else have any funny blackberry stories?!?
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    03-26-09 08:49 PM
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    DAMN! That's a great story!
    03-26-09 08:53 PM
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    Dude that was freakin hilarious. Thanks for sharing.
    03-26-09 08:55 PM
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    lol lol
    that was hilarious
    03-26-09 08:58 PM
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    thanks for sharing, made my wife and I laugh a lot!
    03-26-09 08:59 PM
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    HAHA awesome.
    03-26-09 09:03 PM
  7. md12's Avatar
    thought you guys would appreciate that.
    03-26-09 09:13 PM
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    bwahahahaha thats great!!!
    03-26-09 09:24 PM
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    LMAO! made me giggle
    03-26-09 10:17 PM
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    LOL My favourite bit is the appropriateness of the song for the occasion
    03-27-09 02:45 AM
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    You owe me a keyboard AND a cup of coffee!
    03-27-09 02:59 AM
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    lol that was hilarious!!
    03-27-09 08:53 AM
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    Hysterical! Thanks for sharing!
    03-27-09 09:01 AM
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    hilarious, great story.bosses have a good humour too.
    03-27-09 09:36 AM
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    Pretty funny story!

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    03-27-09 09:51 AM
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    At least you weren't listening to MC Hammer's 'This Is The Way We Roll'...

    Thanks for the laugh - it's been a long one.
    03-27-09 10:06 AM
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    Post your funny bb stories here...
    03-27-09 01:18 PM
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    HAHAHA, that's really funny!!!
    03-27-09 01:52 PM