1. joem1481's Avatar
    on my curve if I turn it off it just said turn off, On my wife's pink curve it says power off or full power off.

    Why does one phone do this and not the other and what is the difference?
    10-03-08 08:36 PM
  2. John Yester's Avatar
    If you turn off, alarms, calendar and task alerts, etc. will still activate. If you do full power off, the bb is absolutely positively all power off. The auto on/off is deactivated in full power off, as well. Maybe she has auto on/off set daily....
    10-03-08 08:42 PM
  3. joem1481's Avatar
    oh ok so if I set auto on or have an alarm it will give me the option for full off?

    OR is it an updated software thing.
    10-03-08 08:53 PM
  4. John Yester's Avatar
    10-03-08 08:59 PM
  5. StoneRyno's Avatar
    So this is some sort of special case kind of standby mode but related to auto on/off so it turns off more than standby mode but allows for the alarm to go off? I don't use auto on/off so I'm only curious as I won't actually need to know for myself but it will be interesting to know since I am sure at some point I will hear the question come up again.
    10-06-08 09:45 AM
  6. ccmd2b's Avatar
    If you have any type of alarm set then it will give you the option of full power off or not. If you don't have alarms set it will just give you the power off option when you click on the icon on your desktop. However, (and this is my question) both power offs do the same thing on my Curve. After the power off, all you have to do is touch the power button and it's back on in just a few seconds. I want to know how to to a soft reset where the device has to boot completely back up without having to pull the battery. There are many times when my device wont' send pics, freezes up, etc and I have to pull the battery. This happens about once every week or two but I hate having to de-case my device, take the back off and pull the battery. Anyone know how to do a full powerdown within the OS?

    Thank you
    01-25-09 10:36 AM
  7. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    Why not hit the left alt right shift and enter key?? If I have to reboot that's how I do it. Its been a few weeks though.

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    01-25-09 12:09 PM
  8. ccmd2b's Avatar
    Yeah I just found out about the shift, alt and delete thing and it seems to work pretty well. Still don't see any real difference in the power off vs full power off in the OS though. strange..
    01-25-09 01:39 PM
  9. westhawk's Avatar
    I have tried to reboot this way, and it just wont work. I must be doing something wrong. any ideas?
    01-25-09 08:25 PM
  10. StoneRyno's Avatar
    Are you using the right hand shift key? I believe it only works if you use the right one and not the left one. Also make sure all 3 are being held and they may have to be held for a few seconds before the reboot is triggered.

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    01-27-09 08:55 AM
  11. doglaTorch's Avatar
    on my torch I had to keep alt+right shift+del pressed for over 10seconds to have it reboot.
    12-10-10 12:32 PM
  12. KoolKeyth5's Avatar
    I'm glad someone decided to break down the difference between off and full off. I've been using a Blackberry since 2008 and I didn't know the difference.
    12-10-10 05:18 PM
  13. PestPro#IM's Avatar
    For some reason on my BB..turns itself off for no reason. And I dont have the auto power off set.
    01-22-11 02:54 PM