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    Don't know how to explain this, but here goes: I have a BB 8530 and was with Verizon Wireless on a regular account. It was in my dad's name and he passed away, so when the contract ran out I told them to cut it off. I took the phone since it was contract free to a local place and put it on Page Plus. Page Plus runs off the Verizon network, but is a totally separate company. Now since I have connected to Page Plus, I can call and regular text, but it will not allow me to get on the internet except thru wifi and it will not let me do any picture messaging. It keeps saying "No message services configured. You will be redirected to the Setup Wizard to setup your email account." When I go there, it has checked the option of Enterprise server and will not let me uncheck it. What is wrong? I was never on an Enterprise server.
    09-13-11 10:37 AM
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    Hi, it sounds like you aren't connected to a Blackberry Internet Service(BIS) data plan. When a device is activated on a new network (assuming you wiped the device before connecting to Page Plus) new service books are downloaded to enable all the good features e.g mail setup/BBM/mms etc to work. Without the correct service books your Blackberry will most likely only function as a standard phone for calls & text. I don't have any personal experience of PagePlus Cellular but I couldn't see any Blackberry data plan offering on their website. There's also a Wikipedia page which says PagePlus dont support certain types of devices including Blackberry. It may be worth confirming with PagePlus that they do support your 8530 on a BIS Blackberry data plan.
    09-13-11 11:14 AM
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    My friend is actually the Page Plus agent and she said that she has put many Blackberries on that service and all of them have worked. The data is not unlimited, it's only 20mb, but nevertheless it has worked on other Blackberries just like mine. So, should I try to take it off that plan...clear it out and try to put it on there again. Would that make a difference?
    09-13-11 01:08 PM
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    There is an easy way to check the Blackberry network infrastructure is working ok. If you go to the options icon/ mobile network/ hit enter/ and you should see 'Data services on' Hit the blackberry key and select 'Diagnostic Test' you should now be looking at diagnostic test application screen. hit the blackberry key again and select 'Run' Your device will now check your data connection. Your radio access will possibly show CDMA. If any of the Blackberry options on the test are 'no' then even though you are on a data plan it's unlikely to be Blackberry BIS and a lot of the functions on your 8530 won't work properly. If this is the case wiping the device won't really make a huge difference. The diagnostic test should look something like this:

    Diagnostic is Running...
    Radio Data Activation: Yes
    Signal Level: -70dBm
    Radio Access: UMTS ( may be CDMA on your carrier)
    Network: T-Mobile
    IP Address: 10.178.126.xxx
    ICMP Ping Echo: No
    Blackberry Registration: Yes <<!! if no contact your carrier.
    Connected to BlackBerry: Yes
    BlackBerry PIN-PIN: Yes
    09-13-11 04:45 PM
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    Pearldude is correct.
    I see it often. Carriers don't seem to always understand their own data plans and don't add the proper plan for Blackberry services. Goto host routing table and try to 'register now'. Within a few seconds you should recieve a 'registration email' message. If you don't, call your friend back.

    -topic should read 'frustrated with carrier provisioning
    09-19-11 07:05 PM