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    I flew from DCA to HSV as a passenger today in a USAirways Embraer Regional Jet. After we reached 10,000 ft and were allowed to use electronics, I turned on my Freedom Keychain 2000 and my 8830WE, with the phone turned off, of course. I was sitting in a window seat. The Freedom Keychain 2000 easily obtained a lock on 8 satellites, as reported by BBMaps. It remained in sync for the entire 1.5 hrs before I shut it down in preparation for landing. Of course, with no phone signal, BBMaps could not download maps, but it did indicate direction and speed. BBMaps reported as few as 7 and as many as 10 satellites in view, with 8 being the most frequent number.

    Based on this performance, I'd rate the Freedom Keychain 2000 the equal of my Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS. Both are superior to the DeLorme LT-20 that I use with my laptop. It can only see satellites if I hold it to the window, and even then Street Atlas often won't lock on.
    05-05-08 10:00 PM
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    Good to know information. Thanks.
    05-05-08 10:32 PM
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    I have done the same thing (different airplane, of course) with my Holux 54 channel receiver as well as with my TomTom One.
    05-13-08 01:12 AM
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    Thanks for the info.
    05-13-08 11:27 AM