1. listentothis's Avatar
    This is probably silly, but does it require a data plan? I have an 8320 with no data plan and wanted to know if it'd work.
    06-13-08 02:06 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I doubt it, unless it worked via the wireless connection on the 8320. But, even then, I think it will still need it...
    06-13-08 02:07 AM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    The gps puck itself does not require anything but a full charge.

    BUT it does nothing on its own really either. You need to connect it to a device with software that can "read" its output - your location vis a vis satellite readings.

    Then the device, in this case BB, coupled with software can show certain information such as you current latitude/longitude and maybe elevation. Next, depending on the software, it can show maps and locations and then maybe information about the surrounding restaurants, shops, movies, etc.

    There are a few programs that run on the BB that do _NOT_ need data. You can see lat/long. You can even see maps and your location on them if you pre-plan and download the maps to your computer and then copy them to an SD card (need card since they are too large for internal memory on a BB). Trekbuddy and another program.

    But most of the software requires data as they pull down new maps as you move around and also might pull down a route to somewhere or a list of nearby pizza places.

    So bottom line, you do NOT need data in all cases but your gps use is limited without data.
    06-13-08 09:56 AM
  4. listentothis's Avatar
    Thanks! Exactly what I wanted to know.
    06-13-08 12:33 PM