1. Faulk_Wulf#CB's Avatar
    From searching the threads and reading around online I have concluded that if I were to purchase a Freedom GPS Keychain for my 8130 Verizon Pearl I could correctly use all my currently crippled/non-working GPS-based apps.

    I do understand in some instances I may have to run BBmaps in the background to ensure that data is being transferred so that the keychain doesn't go into Standby.

    The keychain costs between $69.99 and $89.99 from what I have seen. So for less then a year of VZnav, I could have access to not only turn-by-turn directions but other location based services. Only limit is my Google-fu and my wallet for a few pay apps.

    Mostly I just want to be able to open an app up, see exactly where I am, and type in an address if I'm lost, or look for places and such to eat near me. (Like a GPS version of MapQuest (it doesn't actually have to update on a turn-by-turn bases/real-time) and something like Poiynt.)

    Is this Freedom GPS Keychain what I want to do all of this?
    04-11-09 11:05 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    If you searched for threads using "Freedom Keychain 2000," you've undoubtably read some of my posts. It worked well with Garmin Mobile on my Verizon 8830. I have noticed lately that it will not stay connected via bluetooth if I use BBMessenger concurrently with BBMaps and Google Maps. I haven't figured out the reason yet, but it happens consistently. If I don't run BBMessenger and leave the 8830 undisturbed, the GPS will stay synced for long periods of time. Something to consider if you plan to use BBMessenger simultaneously with GPS applications.
    04-11-09 11:11 PM
  3. Faulk_Wulf#CB's Avatar
    I believe it was one of your posts that actually told about needing to use BBmaps to send some sort of confirmation signal. Either way, I've seen you post here a lot in my short time in this community.

    Frankly I removed BBmessenger. It was my understanding that it was simply a messenger-style interface for PIN-to-PIN messaging. Since I am the only one I know that has a BlackBerry, I just text everyone or e-mail them. So, no this will not be an issue.

    Part of my worry is that I see most people own the Curve and that it was the Curve being discussed and not the Pearl. I was afraid that the aGPS issue that I was unaware of when I bought the phone might further hinder me. (I don't know if the Curve also uses aGPS or a standalone GPS chip.)

    Mostly it would just be nice to have if I go to a neighboring city or just get turned around in the less familiar neighborhoods. And once an a while to find nearby food and entertainment when traveling. I figure if I hold on to the device for at least a year, it still beats paying the $10/mo for VZnav only.
    04-11-09 11:17 PM
  4. jeffh's Avatar
    The Freedom Keychain 2000 is an autonomous GPS receiver. It doesn't require any signal from a carrier or cell tower to function. I did not find it necessary to use BBMaps in the background while using it with Garmin Mobile. Garmin Mobile is $10/month, so from your point of view, it may be no better than VZNav. My employer pays for my BlackBerry, so adding VZNav to my bill was not an option. Garmin billed my personal credit card.
    04-11-09 11:23 PM
  5. Faulk_Wulf#CB's Avatar
    I see. Thank you very much. This has answered all my questions.
    04-12-09 12:48 AM
  6. FF22's Avatar
    I will add that while I find the Freedom quite reliable, quick to lock to satellites, a terrific size, the STANDBY issue sometimes is irritating. It occurs not only with google but I think it also occurs with Verizon's Navigator. But I can't decide if it is the "standby" issue or just Navigator. I am going to borrow a friend's gps, not a Freedom, and see how it responds with my BB.

    I have thought about going for the Garmin set - both the software and their small gps - but its size is not quite a pocket-friendly - tradeoffs.
    04-12-09 08:49 AM