1. vikesh's Avatar
    Is it Free to send a International PIN Messages from Canada to UK?

    (Does it use regular data) ... send pin msg to friends in england...
    01-27-09 09:27 PM
  2. Chicklet's Avatar
    Through bbm there are no additonal charges. Seem to use very little data as well.
    01-27-09 09:30 PM
  3. SWFL's Avatar
    BBM to BBM is always free
    01-28-09 06:54 AM
  4. Iceman's Avatar
    Yes it's free...
    01-28-09 06:59 AM
  5. houuser's Avatar
    What VZ told me was if both are on an active data plan, you can send for free.

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    01-28-09 07:17 AM
  6. Spawn12's Avatar
    Yep its free...im in the UK and i have my bro, who lives in Oakville near Toronto and im always on BBm with him...not only that i have a few other people from Canada on my BBM and a few from America as well. Hasnt cost me a penny and its brilliant...much cheaper than spending 50p to send a sms text.
    01-28-09 07:24 AM