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    So I'm down here visiting a relative just outside Seattle for a couple days.

    I opened up App World, did a alt+rst and re-opened App World.

    Guess what?

    I was able to download all the new conplimentary OS7 apps. $77.00 worth of apps.

    I have mobile networks off and using wifi only.


    So if you find yourself in the US with an OS7 device, start downloading. It'lls probably take you about 45 min to download them all.

    I'm also going to assume that if you set your router to use a US ip, you can still get the apps via wifi no matter where you are.
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    03-24-12 08:00 PM
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    Update: back in Canada..I just wiped my device today and reloaded the OS. Went to install some of the free apps and now it says the apps are unvailable for my device.

    Lookslike you can only install/reinstall if your located in the US.
    03-30-12 12:48 AM