View Poll Results: How many accessories do you own for your BlackBerry?

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12-28-07 12:57 AM
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  1. vwranger02's Avatar
    Its a tossup for me between my 4 gig mem card or my holux mini gps receiver. Both work great and help me out on the go.
    12-11-07 08:12 AM
  2. Bedrock's Avatar
    I have a black skin, bluetooth headset, 2gb micro sd card, and a black leather holster and counting for my curve...
    12-11-07 08:19 AM
  3. cr105's Avatar
    Hmm, best skins ever, holster and a memory card are my everyday needs. I like to keep it simple.
    12-11-07 08:58 AM
  4. dmnall's Avatar
    I have a clear skin, a 4 gb microsd card and a car charger! I am planning on picking up a gps puck, an extra battery, a few more skins, an oem cradle and a pair of bt stereo headset!


    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-11-07 09:27 AM
  5. rkwhyte2's Avatar
    I really like both cases and skins. I have a SPE side pouch for my 8830 and love it. The down side is that I can no longer use my black silicone skin.
    12-11-07 09:34 AM
  6. andersonlm54's Avatar
    Hard case, screen protector, 2G mem card, Plantronics bluetooth

    Hoping for a GPS puck for Christmas! ;o)
    12-11-07 10:03 AM
  7. dee1031's Avatar
    My favorite accessory is my shield zone full body shield. I love those things - I get pretty crazy when I get scratches on my electronic equipment
    12-11-07 10:13 AM
  8. ricpac's Avatar
    I only have a leather pocket and a 2GB card.. leather pocket for safety from scratches (I would like to have a screen protector and some screens) and 2GB card for music, photos, tones and videos!
    12-11-07 10:14 AM
  9. CYANSG's Avatar
    My Bluetooth head set to drive safely and car charger cuz I live out of my car
    12-11-07 10:18 AM
  10. PremiereEquine's Avatar
    a skin, screen protectors, and headset
    12-11-07 10:34 AM
  11. PremiereEquine's Avatar
    ah yes and a 4 gb sd card, but i hope to upgrade that soon!
    12-11-07 10:35 AM
  12. oshjo's Avatar
    I am so glad I bought the shieldzone protective skin. It has saved my BB from many accidents.
    12-11-07 12:03 PM
  13. jburt's Avatar
    I love my Seideo unskinned holster for my Pearl 8130 and my tiny BB charging cradle.
    12-11-07 12:05 PM
  14. tchard's Avatar
    I love my 1GB card, wish it was bigger though.
    12-11-07 12:11 PM
  15. cdang's Avatar
    my rubberized oem skin. Has a great feel to it and keeps it protected!
    12-11-07 01:13 PM
  16. cleight's Avatar
    I would say i have two right now, bluetooth motorola H500 headset and globalsat 359 gps reciever.
    12-11-07 01:17 PM
  17. tomdick's Avatar
    my skins to keep them looking neat

    my hard shell welli have to get one for the curve i just got

    black leather pouch so i look good

    bluetooth head set so i dont get pulled over and go to jail
    12-11-07 01:24 PM
  18. Vdiddy's Avatar
    I am so happy that there are more colors besides white and black skins for the i can get orange, red and blue...just like all of the curve users!
    12-11-07 02:00 PM
  19. ruffwryter's Avatar
    I just have the jawbone boothtooth... I use it when I'm out and about... it's hard holding the phone while driving and shopping.
    12-11-07 03:48 PM
  20. danny595's Avatar
    my 2g memory card that allows me to listen to all my podcasts.
    12-11-07 04:00 PM
  21. 314aaron's Avatar
    Need a SKIN to protect my BABY!
    12-11-07 04:17 PM
  22. DubyaEl's Avatar

    What are your favorite BlackBerry Accessories and Why
    I think my favorite is my bluetooth headset... after that, it would have to be the case for my pearl with the wrist loop on it. I have a great skin for my 8800 that I like lots, too.
    12-11-07 05:45 PM
  23. natebear's Avatar
    Best Skins Ever screen protector because shiny is nice and scratches suck.

    2GB microSD card because more is better, but by that logic i should have a 4GB. or even a 6GB, if it were supported.

    and of course, extra travel chargers because no battery means no BB.
    12-11-07 06:29 PM
  24. doktrgroove's Avatar
    Well, for my 7100, just a BT earpiece. One I get a Curve, certainly a case and memory card. Can't have enough memory.
    12-11-07 07:24 PM
  25. consciousq's Avatar
    Favorite BB accessory would have to be the colored rubber covers for my curve, and right after that, well a bluetooth headset of course
    12-11-07 08:12 PM
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