View Poll Results: How many accessories do you own for your BlackBerry?

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12-28-07 12:57 AM
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  1. loodieboy's Avatar
    Cases, cases, and more cases. The RexRegina is elegant but a tad stuffy for weekends. The OEM belt pouch is functional but nerdy. The OEM pouch is pocket friendly but a tad snug for my bodyguardz-ed curve. Skins are great when sitting at the desk, but lousy in a pocket. Snap-on hard shell cases provide great protection, but bust if you snap them on or off one too many times. Still looking for the perfect case. Eagerly awaiting the sena pouch.
    12-22-07 07:49 AM
  2. PreferredUser's Avatar
    So far the Skin is the best. Memory is a must have so that does not count. The Skin keeps the BB from being a "slippery little sucker" when using it one handed. It also keeps it from sliding and just generally getting banded around. I am pretty tough on phones and that kept me from spending $$$ on anything but the most rugged phones for a long time. I just got tired of carrying a phone, a PDA, etc. everywhere, especially since they were all banged up after a while.
    12-22-07 08:47 AM
  3. seabois's Avatar
    i love the bb skin
    i love the holus bb puck since verizon plays god with the bb functionality
    the international travel adapter set
    12-22-07 08:58 AM
  4. whtawhit's Avatar
    So far, my favorite accessory is the little storage pouch that came in the box with my Curve. I look forward to trying out the bluetooth headset that I just bought.
    12-22-07 01:58 PM
  5. shabazosu's Avatar
    Well I lied. I voted 2 (bluetooth & 2gb card) but forgot about my Best Skinz Ever film I have on my screen.
    12-22-07 02:52 PM
  6. squash's Avatar
    a bluetooth headset, and 2 holsters. To be honest, one was breaking so I replaced it with that lambskin holster! It's a beautiful thing!
    12-22-07 03:57 PM
  7. gratefull dad's Avatar
    In order of importance, sort of
    1. Seidio rubberized hard case and holster combo. Dropped the unit several times pulling it out of the OEM case. No problems since getting the hard case and holster.
    2. 2 gig micro SD card. Need bigger.
    3. Old Motorola HT820 Stereo headphones. Great bass.
    4. Car Kit with holder and charger. Must have for GPS.

    Need more stuff.
    12-22-07 04:17 PM
  8. chain298's Avatar
    gel skin, bluetooth, stereo bluetooth, car charger, I cant live without them
    12-22-07 04:18 PM
  9. clyon's Avatar
    I have a problem getting out of the vehicle on occasion with my phone in my lap and well if you have ever done this you know that it will go flying across the parking lot. So, with this bb I have a nice protective case.
    12-22-07 06:28 PM
  10. benp311's Avatar
    I like bodyguards protective skin. Its like a screen protector but for your whole blackberry keeping it nice and compact. No added volume to fit nicely in your case with less worrying about its protection.
    12-22-07 07:17 PM
  11. phornsby's Avatar
    I don't have anything yet, but I'm just getting into what is available!
    12-22-07 07:24 PM
  12. karryn's Avatar
    We are thinking about upgrading our phones to the Curve 8320 with Tmobile. Does anyone have experience with the service internationally? Will it work?
    12-22-07 07:45 PM
  13. dembidj's Avatar
    I have a super case- Krusell, and charger, but I really need a micro card and blue tooth head set.
    12-22-07 07:56 PM
  14. mreeves84's Avatar
    My favorite accessory would be a skin for my new Pearl. I tried using the holster and just didnt like it at all. I would love something that not only still gives my Pearl its slim shape but still protects it all around. Something like this would be ideal and awesome for me.
    12-22-07 08:06 PM
  15. CGF's Avatar
    Memory card. Because of the memory.
    12-22-07 08:28 PM
  16. jmathias's Avatar
    like the black leather case and blue tooth headset
    12-22-07 09:02 PM
  17. puglady's Avatar
    plan on getting a different color of hard case for every day of the week.
    12-22-07 09:16 PM
  18. unclebanglin's Avatar
    i don't have anything yet but am desperate for a case...either the seidio crystal or rubberized....any suggestions?
    12-22-07 09:19 PM
  19. sbkwright's Avatar
    My BlackBerry should be here on Monday, so not much accessory shopping to do yet
    12-22-07 09:21 PM
  20. donnanicole's Avatar
    I just bought 3 skins for my Pearl i love them
    12-22-07 10:14 PM
  21. donnanicole's Avatar
    i don't have anything yet but am desperate for a case...either the seidio crystal or rubberized....any suggestions?
    i bought skins for mine..i also use the case that came with the phone when im not using the skins...
    12-22-07 10:16 PM
  22. gegraham's Avatar
    don't have any...the curve 8320 is pretty complete as it is.
    12-22-07 10:30 PM
  23. squash's Avatar
    I don't use much! So I guess I'd have to say my lambskin holster!
    12-22-07 10:38 PM
  24. dirtypirate's Avatar
    Thank you, you are the best!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-22-07 11:53 PM
  25. MTL_Mann's Avatar
    With the exception of the holster, I have a skin and a microSD card.
    12-23-07 02:52 AM
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