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    RSS reader. And I don't mean by navigating to a web app like google reader or anything. Go to a site with a feed, hit the menu button and select add web feed. It places the feed in your bookmarks, you can create a folder just for your feeds. Once you click on a feed, select it shows the headers sorted by date. Selecting an article and showing description opens the full article in the bb browser, images load correctly as well. Alternately you can select full article and open the source link. I'm sure this is old news but I haven't seen this brought up much in threads about RSS. Cheers!

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    03-26-09 03:22 AM
  2. UKCracker's Avatar
    Thanks for that, I find it useful
    03-26-09 04:41 AM
  3. digitalb0y's Avatar
    It's also useful for putting really long posts all on a single line with no annoying text-wrapping feature like the one found in every other phone in existence. I hate being able to see what I've just typed.
    03-26-09 06:23 AM
  4. Xopher's Avatar
    Nice find! This is something I didn't know about.
    03-26-09 06:27 AM
  5. Iceman's Avatar
    Thanks for the post! Job well done!
    03-26-09 06:33 AM