1. ferg19776's Avatar
    I was told by someone who I previously worked with that there is a way to forward my yahoo emails to my phone. I am very curious to learn how to do this. Very new to crackberry and have had some great help so far, hope that streak holds up. I appreciate everyone's help.


    10-23-07 07:57 PM
  2. deggyfresh's Avatar
    you have to find the icon for setting up email accounts if i remember setting mine up correctly...and you just set up your existing yahoo account...i currently have my yahoo, and my BB email accounts coming to my BB. hope this helps...if anything look through the FAQ sections and the Lectures for BB's it helped me out alot.
    10-23-07 08:10 PM
  3. ferg19776's Avatar
    I must be simple, the icon in my phone, or on my yahoo page?
    10-23-07 08:17 PM
  4. deggyfresh's Avatar
    there should be an email setup icon on your phone menu...
    10-23-07 08:18 PM
  5. ferg19776's Avatar
    Ok I found it, but when I go in to accept the terms and conditions and create account, it states an account already exists for this pin. If I give you my pin can u see if you can msg me by pin even though I don't know anything about pin msging.
    10-23-07 08:25 PM
  6. deggyfresh's Avatar
    i would try and help you out, but i cant really do anything, my BB is dead and im at work...forgot to charger 'er up last night...hmmm im trying to think how i set up my email for yahoo on my BB...

    10-23-07 08:27 PM
  7. berrywhite's Avatar
    FOR SHAME!!! How can you let your poor helpless BB just die like that deggy!
    10-23-07 08:28 PM
  8. ferg19776's Avatar
    Thanks, I appreciate it, did'nt me to bother you at work though.
    10-23-07 08:29 PM
  9. deggyfresh's Avatar
    FOR SHAME!!! How can you let your poor helpless BB just die like that deggy!
    haha i know....i had a long night last night doing homework, and passed out at my desk....

    and dont worry about bothering me at work...the only people that truely bother me are the effing idiots that call and complain about how crappy JC Penney's service is, like we weren't already aware =P
    10-23-07 08:35 PM
  10. ferg19776's Avatar
    i go into my email settings to set up forwarding i guess to get emails to my phone, and when i do it states i already have and existing acct. I have no idea how that is. Is there a username and password assigned to my phone in activation I'm not aware of? I just want to get emails on my phone, nothing more, nothing less right now. Please help....
    10-23-07 09:46 PM
  11. jcj1's Avatar
    goto services & settings in email setup and send service books
    10-24-07 10:56 AM
  12. ferg19776's Avatar
    I was told by someone that I can go into either my yahoo email options, or email setup on bb, still not sure which. But said am able to forward emails to my bb. In my email setup on bb asks for password and username. Just for laughs I put in yahoo info and does not accept it. I try to setup new email info on bb and states account already set up. aaggghh I didnt set up acct at all that I know of. PLEASE HELP, just want to understand, and mainly get a cottonpickin email on my bb. Thanks so much.....
    10-24-07 07:37 PM
  13. Trevor's Avatar
    ferg19776, I have merged 3 of your threads into this one. Please don't make any more on this issue, use this one.

    You should have an email setup icon on your blackberry. That is where you pick your username and password. Then you can go to the BIS website and login to setup your device emails.
    10-24-07 09:08 PM