1. Aboodubai's Avatar
    Everyone knows how to format their blackberry's

    Options--->Memory----->Blackberry button ----> click format

    But what do we lose while formatting?

    Do we lose our bbm contacts the apps we installed , the themes ...etc ? Or do we only lose certain things such as music files?
    11-13-09 08:30 AM
  2. leeboy1's Avatar
    Dont know to be honest with you....
    11-13-09 08:32 AM
  3. dcgore's Avatar
    I am not positive here but i am guessing music files, pics, videos...stuff that in non-essential to your phone.
    11-13-09 09:22 AM
  4. Reed McLay's Avatar
    The Bold 9000 has 800 Mb of internal memory, in addition to 128 Mb of addressable memory and similar to the media card.

    That option only appears in the Bold.

    If you format the memory, it will erase the current content.
    11-13-09 10:51 AM
  5. diegonei's Avatar
    A device wipe will reboot your BB to out of the box state, meaning everything on the phone will be GONE after you do it. Word of advice, if you remove any native app (Help or BB Maps for example) if won't come backafter the wipe.

    Stuff stored on your media card will be safe.

    If you're planning to wipe, use DM to backup your data.

    Formatting the media card will erase the data and build a folder structure so that the BB can find it's way. Again, backup before you start.
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    11-13-09 11:02 AM
  6. cherryjuice's Avatar
    You lose EVERYTHING on your SD card. Tetherberry screwed up mine after dl'ing the .exe file to it. Luckily I had backed up prior to this happening.

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    11-14-09 02:12 AM
  7. Ami.'s Avatar
    I'd say just back up your stuff and give it a try...
    11-14-09 12:28 PM
  8. BlackBerryr's Avatar
    I'd say just back up your stuff and give it a try...
    I agree... Let us know!
    11-14-09 01:23 PM
  9. Aboodubai's Avatar
    So when I tried to format my BlackBerry , I got an option to format my Media Card or Device Memory

    So by knowing what both are for , you know what you lose and what you keep! hope this helped...
    11-16-09 06:48 AM
  10. cherryjuice's Avatar
    Yep I was confused @ first but everything worked out just fine.

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    11-16-09 07:03 AM
  11. tye dye's Avatar
    After upgrading to a 4g (from a 2g) & using it for month or more I woke up today to find "A media card has been inserted that contains errors.To correct the errors please use a disk error checking utility on a computer."
    After checking this site,I went to work>>>
    I created a folder on my desktop,dragged all my media folders over from my open media card folder ,formatted my card via the scroll down menu option(which was pretty quick),then dragged my media folders back over into my now clean media card folder (this made even easiler & very nice since they're all in one folder),placed the card back into my phone & everything works fine.
    Thanks to everyone in this forum.
    05-21-10 06:20 PM