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    The BlackBerry Trade Up Program gives you cash towards the purchase of a new BlackBerry Smartphone: Home

    FYI, promotion code "graduate" is still working. Gets you an extra $50.00 on your trade. I just banked $128.22 for my wife's LG EnV2 with the code.
    04-18-09 02:57 PM
  2. artpeacock's Avatar
    I am sure a few have had success with FlipSwap, but for the most part, they are a SCAM. My brother and I both sent Blackberry phones in within a few weeks of each other that were in excellent condition and they gave me 30% of what they quoted and 25% of what they quoted to my bro. The phones were only a few months old because we changed carriers for our entire company within a few months of getting our 2 phones. Near new condition and no reason whatsoever to reduce the value. Search the web and you will see that hundreds of others have been scammed as well. Wish I would have researched. Its not the $50+ I am upset about, its the scam I hate.
    01-01-10 09:24 AM
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    If you are a company, use Intelic. They don't play the quote a price-deduct later game.
    06-13-10 01:21 PM
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    Is that like Wifeswap on ABC?

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    06-13-10 03:56 PM
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    This topic is over a year old and out of date by now.
    06-13-10 03:58 PM