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    Hi all.

    I'm re-kindling my love for my Pearl 9100 now that I have installed OS6. Now if I could fix a couple of hardware issues I'd be completely happy with it. (Although I'm fighting an urge to go Torch.)

    The biggest hardware issue I have is that there is dust under the screen. I can see how this happened: You can see gaps at the bottom of the screen above the trackpad and this is precisely where the dust is showing up. It's really annoying.

    So I've decided to take the phone apart. I've taken a few Blackberrys apart now (and successfully put them back together) and I have no doubt that I can get it cleaned. But I'm wondering what's the best permanent solution. That is:

    What kind of tape/silicone/adhesive should I use to seal the acutal screen to the plastic lens??
    12-15-10 01:13 PM