05-27-10 03:05 AM
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    For those of you that were curious on how to use the file that was posted... It's as simple as going into Desktop Manager, and using the RESTORE function to load the file in the *.zip archive.

    Unzip the archive to a convenient place (Desktop), creating a file called "bluttooth.ipd" there.

    Open Desktop Manager, and select RESTORE. Choose the "bluettooth.ipd" file.

    You should be presented with another window, showing that the only information in the restore file is bluetooth options. Continue with the process.

    When finished, check your bluetooth options on your phone. There should be no devices registered.

    This worked for me to wipe all of the devices off the phone... I'm running DM 5 with a 9530 on v.

    I can't say for certain that this has SOLVED the problems with my bluetooth devices... only that I was successful is clearing out my corrupted devices without downgrading/reinstalling the OS.

    Good luck!

    UPDATE: My Motorola HT850 BT headset works fine. I'm talking to my wife on it right now as I type this. I can hear her... she can hear me. I have not tried any other devices yet, like my AVIC-F90BT.
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    10-12-09 12:40 PM
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    omg i hope i dont run into this
    10-12-09 06:09 PM
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    I feel as though I should post my issue since it is somewhat unique. I upgraded to .190 on the Bold 9000 and I was getting a connection but could not hear the person and they could not hear me as some people had reported. I decided to downgrade back to 4.6 in order to get my car bluetooth working again and same problem. Once I had deleted the profile and tried to recreate it, my vehicle (AVIC-D3 CD-BTB200) was stating "connection error" and it has never done this before.

    I wasn't too upset since I was getting the Bold 9700 in a few days so now that I have that I'm getting the same message when trying to connect. I did do a "Device Transfer" on the DM so it's possible the profiles are still hidden somewhere on the device..?

    EDIT: Tried another 9700 device, same "Connection error".

    If anybody has some sort of idea what's going on pertaining to my situation would be great because I'm frustrated as **** right now. I have never had issues since I went from 4.6 to .190/.234/.314 then to 9700.
    11-05-09 11:08 PM
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    Tried it, I cant even get my bluetooth to turn on. At all. It was working when i had .328, but since I upgraded to .419, no luck
    02-18-10 01:40 PM
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    Have you tried connecting to the Pioneer head unit? I just installed a pioneer AVIC-X910BT head unit in my car and have not been completely successful in pairing it with my Blackberry Storm. The storm battery level and signal strength are shown on the Pioneer screen and the Pioneer unit is shown as paired on the Blackberry screen. I am unable to place or receive calls on the Pioneer head using the Storm. I have tried pairing and unpairing several times starting with search and listen on the phone. I am running firmware (v5.0.0.328) on the Storm and latest update on the head unit. Also, I have paired the head unit with another phone and successfully placed and received calls. Anyone have luck pairing the Storm and AVIC-X910BT or other suggestions?
    05-19-10 06:13 AM
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    I had a problem with my 8330 BB-My Samsung bluetooth headset (sbh-500) gets stereo connect with everything but youtube. Pandora, phonecalls, everything but youtube will not connect to play video's through my bluetooth headphones?? I had problems with the size of the video's also but "xensu" was supposed to fix that and it didn't. Someone told me to change the viewing from regular to HD and then I got full screen. Lots of problems for my favorite thing to do on my phone. thanks, in advance, Zack
    05-27-10 03:05 AM
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