1. Peirce#CB's Avatar
    I stumbled across this fix by accident. It's simple process that does not require any reprogramming of any kind.

    This fix has only been tested and worked on MTS Allstream Network in Manitoba Canada, and only been tested on thetwo Black Berry Curve 8330's in my household and worked both times. The GPS resolves your location to between 8-30meters (20 - 100 feet) outdoors, or in the car. Naturally it does not work that well inside shopping malls etc.

    I don't know if order is important but this is the order that I did it in and it worked on both blackberries.

    1) Uninstall Google Maps and the Google mobile app.

    2) Enter your Black Berry browser got to (options, general properties, "enable JavaScript location support"

    3) Download and install "BTSidekick" free beta from the App World program on your phone
    - or from btsidekick.com (I have only tried it from App World)

    3) Run BTSidekick on your blackberry, there will be several prompts, select allow / yes for all of them

    4) Wait 5-20 min for BTSidekick to resolve your exact address, It should get you down to the block (i.e.: 1-56 2nd st)
    - You should also be able to look up stuff within your area like the coffee shop down the block etc

    5) Shut down BTSidekick

    6) Install the Google mobile app

    7) Install Google maps through the the Google mobile app.

    8) Start up BTSidekick again and switch out of it (keep it running) and go back to the home screen (I have the app switchcommand mapped to the left control button ATM)

    9) Start up Google maps and wait, it will gradually resolve your location down from 10km to 4.6km, etc etc until it reaches10-30 meters

    10) You're done

    Once it's working you can can run them both independently and Google maps will even be able to give you turn by turndirections.

    I hope this helps people out with MTS.

    11-27-09 12:40 AM
  2. winxpguy's Avatar
    BTSidekick V1.0.4 will include integration with Google Maps, so I guess this should work even better. I read that it will be available before Christmas....
    12-01-09 11:56 AM
  3. glang9's Avatar
    Thanks! this worked perfect!!
    02-09-10 04:00 AM