07-08-10 06:15 PM
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  1. RegE's Avatar
    In your Browser Configuration, do you have both browsers' Browser Identification set to 'BlackBerry'? When your Browser Identification is set to BlackBerry, it lets the website you're navigating to know that you're on a mobile device. If you have Internet Explorer or Firefox set, the site will push the normal pages to you.
    07-08-10 12:12 PM
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    If you select hotspot browser in Browser Configuration, you're only allowing yourself to change to various settings within that environment. If you want to change your default browser, you have to either change it in General Properties or go to: OPTIONS > ADVANCED OPTIONS > BROWSER > DEFAULT BROWSER CONFIGURATION. Browser Configuration simply lets you configure the settings for each of your browsers, e.g., JavaScript, Browser Identification, Start Page, homepage, etc.
    Correct, and that is the way mine is set.
    07-08-10 01:01 PM
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    frasej, -I don't think we're on the same page! In your post #22, you advised rwilley to "Go into your browser, hit the menu key, then go to Options. In Browser Configuration, select Hotspot Browser." I think you meant to say go into 'General Properties' rather than 'Browser Configuration'. Just wanted to make sure it was clear. I've noticed in the threads that a lot of people are confused - they think changing what's in the drop-down window (hotspot vs. internet) in Browser Configuration is changing what browser they're using. And like you said, yours is set that way; so, you're good to go.
    07-08-10 02:25 PM
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    +1 for the people who experience faster and more consistent speeds and longer battery life when using wifi.

    As a side note, I was checking the specs on, I think, the Evo and its browsing time over wifi was longer than OTA...iirc. So there may be something to wifi vs radio data transmissions and power consumption.

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    07-08-10 06:15 PM
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