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    Well falks, this is Halloween week-end. Let's pretend you're someone else !
    Pre-requisite => You own anything BUT your current mobile device(s): Tell us why you like it !!!
    Please, play the game or don't post ... this is meant to be a recreation post !

    Let me begin.

    My brand new iPhone 4S is really beautiful. I like its form factor and all the things I can use it for. I'm not a geek, moreover not a techie. I press a button, it works almost everytime, I hate bothering. And more ... girls seems to like me more since I have it, they can't resist touching it
    My Samsung Galaxy tab is nice for my home needs. It connects fine with my network, so that I can access all my shared drives. The screen is kinda cool and it works pretty fast.

    Let's showcase !
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