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    Hello everyone!

    Since I bought my first Blackberry device in 2008, I have become a complete Blackberry enthusiast and supporter. My latest device was the Torch 9800, a far leap in technology and overall performance from my first BB Curve 8330 in 2008. I even traveled to the U.S. just to purchase it on September 2010, when during that time I owned a BB Curve 8520, which itself was a giant leap in technology and overall performance from its predecessors with the introduction of the optical trackpad among other improvements. My year with the BB Torch 9800 was a total love affair, couldn't be better, it performed flawlessly, the 3.2 inch screen was amazing, touch-screen could be faster but none the less was very good, it was definitely ME resistant (I have a cellphone drop issue) and the BB OS 6 was finally an operating system to be respected by other cellphone brands.

    Yesterday, for my surprise, a new client offered me the new BB Torch 9810 by AT&T as part of payment for a photograph that I sold him, without any hesitation I accepted the deal and today I'm completely stoked with my new device. Left it charging overnight, configured it and did the device switch operation with my BB Desktop Software and perfect, all my info was transferred perfect. It is 2:59pm (Caracas time, yes, I'm from Venezuela...and yes, I want Hugo Chavez out of power and imprisoned...but I'm not going any further with political issues because it ain't relevant to this matter) and I have to say that RIM really outdid themselves this time. My new Torch 9810 not only has the exact same comfortable size, but the screen slide is better, the screen resolution is incredible and lightning fast. It even feels more rugged than the 9800 version. B OS 7 rocks! Performs fast and the internet is way faster than before too, even when not in a wireless internet area. The only thing is that I switched is the black case from my old BB Torch 9800 to the new 9810, I think it was a mistake to make the new case in plastic with silver paint over it, not only will it in time show scratches in time, but it is also slippery, instead the old BB Torch 9800 is scratch resistant and with a rubber-like texture that helps the device from slipping of your hands.

    In conclusion, RIM has listened to customers and improved in a big way their products, my better-half owns an iphone 4 and she loves it, I have been tempted to switch to iphone because in my profession (professional photographer) Mac definitely rules with laptops and desktops. But having both iphone and BB in my life, I choose Blackberry over iphone anytime, in my personal opinion, iphones are an amazing and innovative product, great to synchronize with all your Mac hardware and entertainment, but for professional use, RIM has the advantage by far. I love my new BB Torch 9810, not only because it is an amazing device, but also has the same attributes as the new bold but almost at half the price in most cases...

    Congrats to RIM for another great product and OS 7!

    Greeting from Caracas,

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    09-02-11 02:38 PM