View Poll Results: What is your dream BlackBerry Model?

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  • BlackBerry Pearl

    112 11.14%
  • BlackBerry Curve

    419 41.69%
  • BlackBerry 88xx

    97 9.65%
  • BlackBerry 8700

    14 1.39%
  • Rumored 9000 Series Phone

    363 36.12%
12-25-07 12:33 AM
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  1. AImbriano's Avatar
    My dream blackberry would be a curve for verizons network, i just got the 8130 and love it but wish i had a qwerty keypad and a larger screen, and wifi would be a plus
    12-10-07 04:18 PM
  2. LilUnique's Avatar
    I just want more memory and more alarm options. My Curve already does everything else.
    12-10-07 04:27 PM
  3. MainEvent's Avatar
    Although the rumored 9000 is dreamy, there is nothing better than the BB Curve. It's just perfect with the addon of WiFi, video recording, and OS 4.3!
    12-10-07 04:29 PM
  4. fortinbrasa's Avatar
    I have an 8310 so I really would love Wi-Fi.
    12-10-07 04:33 PM
  5. dstrauss#CB's Avatar
    I almost voted Curve (my first) but the high end radios and bigger screen of the rumored 9xxx series is a siren call.
    12-10-07 04:58 PM
  6. mungera's Avatar
    i like any blackberry.. i wish that was an option...
    12-10-07 05:01 PM
  7. nightstar's Avatar
    I've already got my dream Blackberry - My Curve... The only thing that could possibly make it better than it is (Don't care much for WiFi or GPS - I have a PDA for that) a longer battery.. Other than that, it's pretty much perfect! *pets device*

    Actually - I've just realised I've made a terrible mistake... My dream device would be the *NEW* Curve!!!! (As long as the battery-life isn't affected!)
    Last edited by nightstar; 12-10-07 at 05:37 PM.
    12-10-07 05:04 PM
  8. modfish's Avatar
    On my dream curve, whenever verizon decides to sell it. I would use the full keyboard for my emails and texts from contacts with my design firm and with the internet plan a my next surf trip to Oz and with the camera I would document and post pics on a blog so my friends could see whats up. And of course I would gladly add all the Sheilas in my BB messenger that I met on the trip.
    12-10-07 05:09 PM
  9. mattrev's Avatar
    Got an 8830, but think I'd like the form of the Curve. Too bad Verizon doesn't have it.
    12-10-07 05:23 PM
  10. LethalOreo's Avatar
    My dream would be a Curve that ran on Verizon
    12-10-07 05:27 PM
  11. Raven's Avatar
    Better camera, more on board memory, gps (not crippled), a non crippled verizon bb.
    12-10-07 05:43 PM
  12. joeshark's Avatar
    I have the Curve now. If they can come with better than this, I would certainly give it a shot.
    12-10-07 05:45 PM
  13. neurodoc's Avatar
    My new 8130 comes close, but nice options would include: Global coverage, WiFi, more memory!
    12-10-07 05:54 PM
  14. thewesman's Avatar
    My dream berry would have 3G capability, an enhanced media viewer and the berry would have a special power that forces Rogers Wireless to come out with an unlimited data plan.
    12-10-07 05:55 PM
  15. justdigphones's Avatar
    I'll take an 8320 in titanium please.
    12-10-07 06:02 PM
  16. oskaru's Avatar
    I would say for my dream blackberry, I would like my choice of three premium apps. A bigger memory capacity with an additional slot for a memory card that could be at least 4G. WiFi, and GPS enabled phone with a carrier that allows that. It would be nice to have touch screen in addition a slide out keyboard on a device of my choice.
    12-10-07 06:13 PM
  17. Rymalone's Avatar
    My dream blackberry would be 3G and have and office suite integrated into the system to freely edit and modify documents. Along with that wiFi, gps and bluetooth.
    12-10-07 06:17 PM
  18. lechakan's Avatar
    My dream BB would be an updated 8310 Crimson Curve with 3G, WiFi, 4 megapixel camera, and a vast Palm-envious catalog of super-duper software titles.
    12-10-07 06:24 PM
  19. venuesurf's Avatar
    I love everything about my 8310 but...I would love to have WIFI with the GPS!
    12-10-07 06:39 PM
  20. chardae's Avatar
    I love my curve. And I would never choose a touch screen before a blackberry. We are a generation who are not consumed with what everyone else is getting "just because". We all have reason for loving our blackberries and we stand by it.
    ~happy Holidays~
    12-10-07 06:52 PM
  21. bcoutlander's Avatar
    I would love to use a Curve on a cdma network. And have decent video quality.
    12-10-07 07:03 PM
  22. jessi's Avatar
    I own it already but I would like to see a colored track ball and maybe have it in pink
    12-10-07 07:08 PM
  23. Click's Avatar
    I would Have a full keyboard, as "standard" as this is. I have a pearl.
    O Verizon, some times I wish Tmobile worked in my area.....

    12-10-07 07:19 PM
  24. BigB's Avatar
    The feature I would most like on my dream blackberry would be full web browsing, and 3G speed!
    12-10-07 07:19 PM
  25. mam's Avatar
    Full keyboard, good camera, gps
    12-10-07 07:24 PM
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