View Poll Results: What is your dream BlackBerry Model?

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  • BlackBerry Pearl

    112 11.14%
  • BlackBerry Curve

    419 41.69%
  • BlackBerry 88xx

    97 9.65%
  • BlackBerry 8700

    14 1.39%
  • Rumored 9000 Series Phone

    363 36.12%
12-25-07 12:33 AM
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  1. ThatsAngel's Avatar
    i really want the 8800
    12-22-07 11:23 AM
  2. txballa22's Avatar
    i use the pearl now, but my dream BB would have to be the 8310. i use the internet more than anything, just wish it had 3g support, and wifi
    12-22-07 11:29 AM
  3. mzcheekz's Avatar
    My dream BB would be my cruve which i just lost =( ::tears::
    12-22-07 11:51 AM
  4. whtawhit's Avatar
    The 8310 Curve that I have, but with a better web browser!
    12-22-07 01:48 PM
  5. shabazosu's Avatar
    I'd like to see one that has the ability to make me a sandwich, personally.
    12-22-07 02:57 PM
  6. gratefull dad's Avatar
    I bought the 8830WE because I thought it was my dream bb, but after a month of use I find I miss my WiFi from the HTC 6700 I had, and a funtional version of a spreadsheet. It wouldn't have to be a very complete version of excel just to do some columns with math. The camera is not mandatory but to keep up with the other units it wouldn't hurt. I'm also waiting for the ability to watch Sprint TV.
    12-22-07 03:47 PM
  7. squash's Avatar
    I also have my dream blackberry. The 8800. The only thing I wish it had was a camera. BUT, you can't have everything! Not yet anyway. I love how sleek it is. I don't like the curves looks, to me, it seems like they went backwards in the design of it, as far as looks go.
    12-22-07 03:50 PM
  8. taff007's Avatar
    Most wanted features are:

    - Built in HTML Reader - I currently ignore around half of e-mails received as they are not in plain text.
    - Folders for Mail - I find it difficult to manage a cluttered mailbox, but some e-mails I need to keep but want them out of the way in the short term.
    - Better web browser - Whilst it has a different target audience I do feel the iphone browser is light years ahead of the Blackberry.
    12-22-07 03:54 PM
  9. chain298's Avatar
    HTML emails for sure, I would probably tether more if I had 3g and I use the crap out of the GPS every day.
    12-22-07 04:22 PM
  10. kase511's Avatar
    Short and sweet. Video capabilities to take video of all my daughter's firsts in life!
    12-22-07 06:05 PM
  11. clyon's Avatar
    I think maybe a superior camera 6.0 mega pixels or greater w/ flash. wifi, gps, and a larger battery capacity.
    12-22-07 06:43 PM
  12. benp311's Avatar
    I picked Curve because it has a camera unlike most other blackberrys. It has GPS which is a plus. My 8830 has GPS disabled (stupid verizon). The keys also look easier to use.
    12-22-07 06:49 PM
  13. dembidj's Avatar
    I use the phone the most, paddle ball game next, but the address book, tasks, calendar come really close.
    12-22-07 07:41 PM
  14. karryn's Avatar
    I am looking forward to getting the Curve very soon. It seems that it will meet all my needs...
    International service

    Everything I could dream for!
    12-22-07 07:56 PM
  15. CGF's Avatar
    Just a CDMA Curve.
    12-22-07 08:21 PM
  16. cotten's Avatar
    Just a CDMA Curve.
    I agree, a CDMA Curve is my dream model.
    12-22-07 08:33 PM
  17. jmathias's Avatar
    text massaging ,internet, music and phone
    12-22-07 08:59 PM
  18. puglady's Avatar
    I can only dream that my body had curves as good as the blackberry.Maybe one day..
    12-22-07 09:05 PM
  19. unclebanglin's Avatar
    i agree with curveman....satellite radio would put me in personal electronic nirvana

    nothing beats the amazing voice reg software already on the curve.
    12-22-07 09:14 PM
  20. jmathias's Avatar
    blue tooth texting voice recognition internet vviewing
    12-22-07 09:18 PM
  21. sbkwright's Avatar
    My dream Blackberry would do the dishes and the laundry
    12-22-07 09:25 PM
  22. chris8700's Avatar
    I would have to say that the unit would have to do the basics:
    The possibility of a touch screen sounds awesome!!
    12-22-07 09:41 PM
  23. gegraham's Avatar
    already have it...a curve 8320. Email, phone and maps.
    12-22-07 10:20 PM
  24. squash's Avatar
    Facebook, BB Messenger, Texting, internet! I don't need much else! I COULD use a camera though.
    12-22-07 10:48 PM
  25. dirtypirate's Avatar
    Thank you, you are the best!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-22-07 11:41 PM
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