View Poll Results: What is your dream BlackBerry Model?

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  • BlackBerry Pearl

    112 11.14%
  • BlackBerry Curve

    419 41.69%
  • BlackBerry 88xx

    97 9.65%
  • BlackBerry 8700

    14 1.39%
  • Rumored 9000 Series Phone

    363 36.12%
12-25-07 12:33 AM
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  1. efarrar's Avatar
    what's better than blackberry? two!
    12-21-07 12:08 AM
  2. momto4xys's Avatar
    I have a Curve that I love, love, love .....
    But my dream would be the Curve plus .....
    3G/Wifi on AT&T
    Built in program to edit word/excel documents
    12-21-07 12:47 AM
  3. hongsc's Avatar
    I have a BB Pearl and really like the Curve. I hope the casing is more scratch resistant. A higher resolution screen/sharper screen. Wireless, BT, MicroSD slot as well as a HDD in the same or slightly larger form factor. FM/AM radio with the possible inclusion of XM/Satellite radio/HD tuner. 5MP camera, fastest connection available *this means no EDGE*. Gyroscopic movement a la iPhone for web browsing as well as touch functionality. After using the iPhone, it would be a nice option to have. That would be the perfect BB for me since it would have everything I need or could ever want.
    12-21-07 03:42 AM
  4. lcjackson's Avatar
    I'm just got mine yesterday and already want to upgrade. I guess I'm never satisfied. I wish for a model that allows the ball to roll and be able to move it up/down/side to side.
    12-21-07 04:33 AM
  5. pschnake's Avatar
    More file space

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-21-07 06:37 AM
  6. peteblum's Avatar
    My dream BB would be the 9000 with the bigger screen and what I would use the most with the bigger screen would be the browser. Other than that I would love to have a BB with room for more music and I would totally use it as an mp3 player.
    12-21-07 06:46 AM
  7. mandolin's Avatar
    I have a 8830, but would like added to it:
    1) camera
    2) FLASH! - for Sirius, among other things
    3) OS 4.3 with FLEXIBLE themes such as Today+, L-Dimension, Widgets, etc.
    4) WiFi
    12-21-07 06:52 AM
  8. ashish#CB's Avatar
    We are at the end of 2007 and am waiting for Blackberry to start shipping new version of Curve with OS 4.3.

    Does anyone know if the same will happen before the end of this year.

    Ashish Chamoli
    12-21-07 06:58 AM
  9. ssymes's Avatar
    Dream BB = lets me merge my personal and business life. Most of it is there already... WiFi, GPS, Camera, podcasts.
    I'd like it to morph into an ebook reader, and maybe a touch-screen BB will help.
    12-21-07 07:22 AM
  10. dang#CB's Avatar
    My Dream Blackberry would have more memory with two selectable options to switch between HOME and WORK where the email, calendar, and contacts would all be completely separated. Oh, and I would also have two different phone numbers (providers) as well....
    12-21-07 08:24 AM
  11. mochrist58's Avatar
    So far I really like my 8830. I upgraded from a Motorola Q and the blaclberry is way better.
    12-21-07 08:30 AM
  12. njblackberry's Avatar
    Had them all - 950, 957, 5810 (AGHHH), 6710, 7230, 7290, 7100t, 7105t, 8700, 8100, 8800, 8320.

    Love the Curve. Form factor, functionality, WiFi (even with funky UMA). Now, if only it had built in GPS!
    12-21-07 08:35 AM
  13. Marathon_Princess's Avatar
    I'm very pleased with my Curve. Im not much of a technical person so I wouldnt change much about the phone. I would love to be able to record videos and satellite radio would be lovely.
    12-21-07 08:50 AM
  14. TxDot's Avatar
    GPS and touch screen.
    12-21-07 09:07 AM
  15. jimsky's Avatar
    i use for sms and email and calender i love it
    12-21-07 09:18 AM
  16. Yvonne's Avatar
    The more features you utilize on your BB, the more features you want!!! Love it.
    12-21-07 10:04 AM
  17. richie's Avatar
    I have every 8000 series blackberry that's supported by att/Cingy...
    i reallyyyy need a new berry.... Well according to my wife i need a new one like a hole in my head :P .
    She's tired of hearing i need a new BB
    12-21-07 10:10 AM
  18. Yvonne's Avatar
    I want to watch video and play music.:
    12-21-07 10:11 AM
  19. DesertLarry's Avatar
    I already have my dream blackberry. I would love for it to take video though.
    12-21-07 10:27 AM
  20. Kilted Bradley's Avatar
    My dream Blackberry would be on that is up to speed with everyone else's. lol. I'm still toting around my 8703e on Sprint. While it's been a loyal assistant, it's showing it's age. Even with the 4.2 OS I finally got to put on it (thanks to Verizon) it's still pretty limited. That and the poor thing really strains to accomplish even the simplest tasks with the updated OS.

    My dream Blackberry would have video and mp3 capability, expandable memory (sd etc), a camera, a QWERTY keyboard would be nice. The 8130 would sure be sweet. Yeah, I know the QWERTY would go out the window, but I think I could get used to the Suretype... a do-able trade off for the camera (especially since the cam does video recording!) IMHO. So, please oh please pick me... I need that slim hot new thaaang on my side.
    12-21-07 10:49 AM
  21. sclowers's Avatar
    easier swap for the SD card
    more space
    12-21-07 11:05 AM
  22. kat8180's Avatar
    i forgot one...i use my ph for the obvious making and recing calls, its my only life line as a single mom, i constantly have it with me sooo i also use the memo pad all the time to keep my lil pea brain would be nice it had the ability to have a section designated for creating shopping lists...i've made due and created my own version but to have the ability to just check off whats needed on a nice format (with lines and check boxes) would be nice, diff camara/pix options for something other than black and white or sepia would be nice....and also the greatest thing would be being able to xfr more than one ph # from your address book at a time to your sim card.....i dont have a personal computer so i rely on the functions of the ph only....this isnt curntly avail on the curve or the pearl i had, when you have to change phs and not all the contacts are on the sim card you have to go to each # and send it to the card....TIME CON- SOO- MIN !@#$%
    12-21-07 11:23 AM
  23. cldevil's Avatar
    my dream blackberry would be the rumored 9000 series. i would take advantage of the touch screen. i would also take advantage of the bigger screen by shooting and taking pics.
    12-21-07 11:23 AM
  24. budwizer's Avatar
    I currently have an 8830 WE via Verizon and as such do not have native GPS capabilities unless I use VZNavigator. GPS is the feature I would use the most with my new BlackBerry.
    12-21-07 11:39 AM
  25. paubouffier's Avatar
    My dream BB would have all the actual features plus a full browser, widescreen display, wifi, and of course a touchscreen!!
    Techonology to choose and change beteween TDMA, CDMA, GSM and 3G would be AWESOME!!
    12-21-07 11:59 AM
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