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    I know I'm going to come off as a troll, and that's cool. I don't mind being a troll occasionally. After all, it's fun sometimes. But for the record, this isn't intended to be a troll post. It is simply a reflection of my frustration with BlackBerry.

    Back Story: I used BlackBerry for about 5 years. Last year, I switch to an Android device, mostly because of the free Google resources available (I'm looking at you, Google Nav--which, if you haven't used it, it is MUCH better than ANYTHING available on the BlackBerry market, and it's free) and because I felt like I was being left behind in terms of smartphone technology. As soon as I got the Android device, though, I longed for my old BlackBerry Curve keyboard, integrated email, and UI. To compensate for the horrible touchscreen keyboard on Android, I carried around my Curve to write on, usually writing about 3,000 words a day on it. These documents I'd transfer to my Android device via bluetooth and upload them to DropBox. It worked, but it meant carrying around two phones.

    This month I finally was able to afford the BlackBerry Bold 9900. I liked being able to text and type again...but that's as far as it goes. I'm sorry, guys, but this thing is in NO WAY competetive with todays smartphones. It's got an old, single-core processor, few interesting apps, and the apps it does have are sometimes twice, sometimes ten times, more expensive than their Android counterparts, and considerably less functional.

    The last straw came this morning when I tried to create a mobile hotpsot...and t-Mobile wanted to charge me from $14 to $30 a month just to use it. This option is free on Android, and it is non-negotiable for me. I travel a lot, and I'm often out of the office, and I depend on it. (The reason I hadn't used it before today was because I finally got tired of waiting for T-Mobile and BlackBerry to release the 7.1 update and loaded the leaked version from CrackBerry.)

    Frankly, I'm extremely unhappy with RIM and, honestly, I'm finished with them. This 9900 cost me $599--the same price as top of the line Android and Apple phones, things with dual- and quad-core processors, millions of available apps, better browsers, and considerably more functionality. As I see it, BlackBerry misrepresented their product. They want to slap a competetive pricetag on it, it should actually BE competetive. The way it stands, this thing should cost slightly more than a flip-phone, because it's only slightly more functional. Certainly not functional on the level of top-of-the-line Android or Apple device.

    Today, I'm very angry with them. They've had three years to catch up...and they couldn't. They didn't even have to do anything except pair that great form-factor (really, the only form-factor I actively LIKE) with a decent operating system. , they could have just reconfigured it with a modified version of Android and I would have been happy. They dropped the ball, and I have serious doubts they'll even exist in 10 years. People will go, nostalgically, "Remember BlackBerry? They were cool." The way they talk about GameBoy, Pac-Man and the Rubik's Cube. I've seen the future of BlackBerry...and it ain't good.

    Long story short: I'm returning to my Android device. This ridiculously expensive Bold will be downgraded again to purely a writing device, an adjunct, and if I find a good writing solution that pairs nicely with Android, it'll be instantly sold.
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    02-28-12 01:58 PM
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    How much for your Bold?
    02-28-12 02:02 PM
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    Wow ... Where to begin?

    I'm sure others will be happy to tear apart the above statements, but ill start it off with:

    Tethering is not free on Android. You have to pay for it because it is a service provided by your cell carrier. Now if you would like to root your phone and steal it, that is another story. But the same can be said for downloading movies and songs I guess. Some people just don't mind stealing behind the veil of the internet.

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    02-28-12 02:07 PM
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    OP hasn't even mentioned a single function which he performs on his Android and where the BB failed besides the Hotspot feature which is network dependant. And on that too OP is lying. It would cost him the same to tether on Android as on the BB.

    OP is right in one respect, he is trolling. How much do you get paid to write anti RIM nonsense on the net?
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    02-28-12 02:11 PM
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    I go through this all of the time with me friends and coworkers. They mock me for being "behind the times" and say how much more functional their phone is than mine, but when put to the test there really isn't anything that my 9930 can't do that theirs can (although admittedly, a bigger screen is better for watching movies ... But if you watch a lot of movies, get a torch). I really don't get it.

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    02-28-12 02:15 PM
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    Can I just ask? What are these apps that people are getting that are so great and of such high quality?

    When I had my Droid tablet I only downloaded a few apps, Angry Birds being one of them(Yea that tablet is gone now btw). Can anyone point out just what these great apps are? Cause I just got Angry Pigs for free so I don't feel like I lost anything with going with my 9860.
    02-28-12 02:17 PM
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    Not to be a troll either but I have been thinking the same thing, I have been actually looking at the androids and it is amazing the specs compared to bbs but for awhile I didn't care so much cause who needs a quad core to Google a few things, send a txt and play angry birds? But then again why not buy the ferrari if it costs the same as an escort? The next thought I've had is what about security? There is malware out there for Android and as far as I know there isn't for bbs. Also battery life, I haven't looked to much into this with androids but I know with my bb I can go a whole weekend and not need to plug it in. That's a big deal for me. Apps don't really bother me, it's nice but I don't really play games that often on any of my mobile devices.
    02-28-12 02:18 PM
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    Sorry you feel that way. Personally, I really like BlackBerry Traffic which is also free. Hotspot is supposed to cost extra. Unlike bridging to a Playbook, using Hotspot functionality can be identified by carriers. I really enjoy my BlackBerry for what it does for me. Different people have different needs. If you are enjoying your Android phone, then that's great. I'm in no hurry to change devices so I'm willing and able to wait to see what BB10 is all about before jumping to a new device. Given the cost of these devices I'm that much more willing to wait.
    02-28-12 02:20 PM
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    Wi-fi hotspot most certainly IS free on my Android device. I used it for a year and never paid one red cent for it. Those that suggest such a thing, haven't used the feature on their Android device on T-Mobile.
    02-28-12 02:23 PM
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    I know one thing, I wouldn't wanna do what I do all day with anything other than a bb...at least as it stands now. These guys that trash other items because their personal needs require something different is ridiculous.

    I have no issue with either android or iPhone...but for what I do neither one of them would be nearly as efficient as what I have.
    02-28-12 02:23 PM
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    Perception is reality.

    In the US, BB is in real trouble.

    My company has 1600 blackberry users and we just got approval to beta test 150 iPhones.

    Everyone wants to bash the consumers who are leaving BB, but unfortunately, RIM needs their high end phones to be successful, because that is where the margins are. No margins, no investors, no investors, no RIM.

    Things go obsolete all the time. The masses will determine RIM's fate, not the other way around.

    BB10 will need to be a grand slam for RIM to survive long term. It is only a matter of time before lower end android phones take over developing countries market share too (do you thing google isn't wanting to grow share globally?)
    02-28-12 02:24 PM
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    Jesus, you guys sound like Apple fanboys. Where to begin on the apps. I don't even know. Since you don't know, I'm going to assume you don't have an Android or an iPhone, because there are so many.

    But one that just doesn't work nearly as well on BB that is indespensible is DropBox. Yes, it works, but try figuring out how to download a photo on your blackberry. I still can't figure that out. I can open it. But for some reason, can't save it and then set it as a background. Its dreadful.

    TimeSheet, a time tracking app. Great. Indespensible if you work for yourself and have many clients and want to keep track of the time you spend working for them. The equivalents for BlackBerry aren't NEARLY as good, and are twice as expesnive.

    A decent dictionary. Again, try finding one that isn't ridiculously expensive on BlackBerry.

    Sporty's Flight Computer...

    Google Docs


    NPR News


    Google Nav

    Google Translate

    A decent weather app (Since BlackBerry doesn't support widgets, they are worthless on it, really.)

    Google Currents (if you haven't used it, you just don't know. It's a great app, I assure you.)

    I can go on all day, really, and I haven't even come close to scratching the surface.

    I don't play many games, but I used a LOOOOTTT of productivity apps that I miss.
    02-28-12 02:32 PM
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    My friend got a 9900 just this past weekend, he asked me what apps he should get, I couldn't answer him because I hardly use any apps apart from the pre loaded ones, so lack of app is not a big problem at all for me
    02-28-12 02:33 PM
  14. Burning_Daylight's Avatar
    Oh, not to mention Kindle apps that aren't available for BB7 devices...
    02-28-12 02:33 PM
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    Wi-fi hotspot most certainly IS free on my Android device. I used it for a year and never paid one red cent for it. Those that suggest such a thing, haven't used the feature on their Android device on T-Mobile.
    I can confirm it is free and this is one of the reasons I carry an Android with me.
    02-28-12 02:34 PM
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    Another "troll" post.....move along folks, Nothing to see hear.....
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    02-28-12 02:45 PM
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    Wifi hotspot is also free with all carriers here in Australia. Blackberry doesn't do it here, unless you install a leak. With a Mac using DM that isn't possible. iPhone and Android do it natively now.
    02-28-12 02:58 PM
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    OK OP,
    Docs to Go matches your Google docs.

    Google Maps for navigation with built in latitude is available at Google Maps

    I have Times of India and Business Today App

    Use Social Apple for RSS feeds

    Beweather is there for BB with widgets and home screen icons

    And as for Kindle...That is on Amazon to release the app for BB. I guess all content providers are trying to push their own hardware and are clamping down on support to other devices.
    02-28-12 02:59 PM
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    Wow ... Where to begin?

    I'm sure others will be happy to tear apart the above statements, but ill start it off with:

    Tethering is not free on Android. You have to pay for it because it is a service provided by your cell carrier. Now if you would like to root your phone and steal it, that is another story. But the same can be said for downloading movies and songs I guess. Some people just don't mind stealing behind the veil of the internet.

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    I have been using hotspot off many Android devices for over 2 years on various plans off T-Mobile without getting charged a cent.
    BB you have to pay currently, another reason I stuck with Android when I recently upgraded.

    These threads are a dime a dozen though really. We get it, you are not happy with BB. I don't get why so many people feel enlightened to tells us their life story on why they used a BB and now use an Android.

    I have switched back and forth a couple times, but never told myself, I need to write a book about how unhappy I was with a certain phone.

    Just move on and enjoy your new phone, whatever it is.....

    The dead horse has been beaten enough.

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    02-28-12 03:15 PM
  20. Burning_Daylight's Avatar
    To reiterate, this was not a troll post. The things that BlackBerry does well, it does better than ANYONE OUT THERE. I am one of the few people who seem to really like the BlackBerry 7 UI. I like to tuck my applications away in folders. I can't stand all of those screens on Android, or the tray that doesn't allow you to stick your apps into folders (there are workarounds for this--I used one of the launcher programs but can't rememer the name--that allowed me to shut off screens, and create folders.) Android's is bad, but iPhone's is considerably worse, in my opinion.

    The keyboard I absolutely LOVE on the Bold. Like I said, I write 3,000 words a day over and above the long emails I send and texts. You just can't do that on a touch-screen only phone. Not even close.

    I also like the integrated email, being able to check and respond to emails without having to launch an application. Priceless.

    I was unhappy with my Android and longed to return to the BlackBerry just because of these things. But to finally return, and find it so horribly lacking in areas that other smartphone users take for granted? That disappoints me, and pisses me off.

    What I would like (and wonder why it's too much to ask of smartphone manufacturers)--is the Bold 9900 form factor, with a good, modern operating system.

    Right now it's a sacrifice any way you go. If you go with android or iphone, you sacrifice keyboard. If you go for BlackBerry, you sacrifice cutting-edge technology and ability.

    I'm hoping my unhappiness with this phone is fleeting, and tomorrow I will be content all over again. I'll have to figure something out in terms of wi-fi hotspot, however. That's a non-negotiable for me. I already pay $100 a month for unlimited data, talk, and text. There's no way in I'm going to throw another $15 on top of that for something that is free on other phones.
    02-28-12 03:23 PM
  21. Chrisy's Avatar
    And we care because...?

    Check out Android Central if you have questions about your device.
    02-28-12 03:32 PM
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    Can I just ask? What are these apps that people are getting that are so great and of such high quality?
    To name a few: ttorent, astro ( or any decent file manager), andchat (or any decent irc client), Skype, Netflix, pulse, tapatalk ect. Not to mention the many great games, If thats your cup of tea.

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    02-28-12 03:37 PM
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    Sam, I use Docs To Go. Have for...geeze...4 years? But I have clients who use Google Docs, and it's nice to be able to edit them on my phone when I'm away from the office, so, no, they aren't really equivalent.

    Yes, there are certain news apps available for BB, and I was certainly willing to sacrifice the others to return to BB. NPR was slightly different than most news apps. It allowed you to easily listen to the news articles in the car. I miss it. It was nice to have, but not a deal-breaker by any stretch.

    I use BB News for RSS feeds and it works fine. I never used RSS feeds on Android, and I like it fine on BB.

    BeWeather is all right. Certainly nothing to write home about, however.

    Kindle isn't a dealbreaker either, but it was nice to have in a pinch. I read a lot.

    ALL of the apps I used were nice to have, but nothing that was a dealbreaker. I'm willing to let them go.

    I was simply responding to the guys who said that they don't need apps. Of course, not, but they do make things easier.

    I had an app called "Mood Of My Girlfriend" that tracks your girlfriend's menstrual cycle. Do men NEED this app? Of course not. All of us go around with that time of the month in the back of their head. "Oh, it's getting close, better watch out." This app was still nice to have. "Wow, she's kinda grumpy today...lemme check...oh, yeah, that's why. Yipes."

    Those that dismiss apps as a non-factor simply haven't had access to them. I also used the Starbucks app to pay for my coffee every morning from my cell phone. Especially after christmas when I had about $100 worth of gift cards.

    All I can say is, most BB users who have used nothing else but BB just don't know what they're missing.
    02-28-12 03:38 PM
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    There are plenty of BlackBerry users that use, or have used, other platforms. They still choose BlackBerry for their specific reasons. Why do we care why you are leaving? Why the need to inform everyone of your specific needs in a phone?

    In other words...what is the point of your OP?
    02-28-12 03:41 PM
  25. Burning_Daylight's Avatar

    Truthfully? To light a fire under BlackBerry's . I waited for a year to return to BlackBerry, and this is as close as they've come to catching up?

    I some people like to help with positive reinforcement. I'm not one of them. I like to help by being sarcastic, critical, and overbearing.

    02-28-12 03:47 PM
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