1. jrmama42's Avatar
    I've set up filters for my gmail messages so that not all of them go to my bb (e.g., ads with coupon specials that I want to receive on my computer, just not on my bb).

    Some of the filters just don't seem to "take", even after numerous attempts to delete and re-add them, pasting the email address to make sure I'm not misspelling. I've tried using just the domain name and also the complete address. Has anyone else had this experience? Any suggestions?
    01-22-09 01:54 PM
  2. howie's Avatar
    I haven't had any problems. Did you uncheck the "forward to device" option below on the page?
    01-22-09 02:03 PM
  3. jrmama42's Avatar
    I use the BIS filters to "not forward messages to device" if the "from" field contains a given email address. The default is to "Forward messages to device" if no filters apply. But why does it ignore some of my filters?
    01-22-09 02:07 PM