1. vtjman's Avatar
    Ok I have searched the forums on this issue and have not found anyone with a similar problem.

    In my Yahoo mail I have a filter set up so that any mail from a specific address is moved to a specific folder. Well the problem is that any mail from that person is not being pushed to my Blackberry Pearl 8130 with VZW. It is correctly being filtered into the correct folder in Yahoo mail. I even set up a Blackberry filter in the web access site to send mail from this person to my BB but it still does not get pushed to my blackberry.

    Does anyone know how to fix this issue I am at a loss.
    02-27-08 11:25 PM
  2. UKuser's Avatar
    Email will only be pushed from your inbox. If you are specifying it go straight into another folder it won't get pushed.
    04-01-08 01:56 PM