View Poll Results: Do you believe there should be rules of BlackBerry etiquette/use?

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12-29-07 01:43 AM
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  1. dbltap's Avatar
    I always love the guys who get pi$$ed off and yell at their caller... in a crowded room. lol
    12-10-07 03:01 PM
  2. copndoc's Avatar
    One rule is when you are talking face-to-face with someone, they shouldn't be testing or messenging someone else. That's rude!!!
    12-10-07 03:02 PM
  3. bakerj158's Avatar
    These are personal use and therefore should be up to each user how they decide to apply thier individual device, rules of use seems a little big brother - ish
    12-10-07 03:04 PM
  4. DrivingManiac's Avatar
    I can't think of a story... but it does remind me just how loud the blackberry curve is with its "tactile" keyboard. CLICK CLICK CLICK goes the loud blackberry curve in lecture hall.
    12-10-07 03:11 PM
  5. tingertinger's Avatar
    I think it is rude when in a meeting and people are trying to be sly by holding the BB under the height of the table and trying to use it. Then asking the person to repeat what was just said because they didn't hear it.
    12-10-07 03:28 PM
  6. joshuadeutch's Avatar
    I sure there should be, but I am not the one to suggest them...
    12-10-07 03:37 PM
  7. prnzpldee's Avatar

    (okay I could only think of six)

    Thou shalt not let your BB ring during church or a funeral with anything from Kanye West or Souljaboy....

    Thou shalt not have wallpaper that is a picture of you using your blackberry..

    Thou shalt not pull your blackberry out just to show that you have one....especially around motorola razor users......(my friend has one of those)

    Thou shalt not make fun of non BB users.....

    Thou shalt not check messages while on a date.....

    Thou shalt not teach your one year to use the BB....

    PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR VERSION of the TEN COMMANDMENTS of Blackberry Etiquette and usage....
    12-10-07 03:44 PM
  8. maggie_may's Avatar
    No texting while driving!!!! Talking is OK though
    12-10-07 03:46 PM
  9. jsmerg's Avatar
    rules of the blackberry would be not to use it in social situations such as business meals and business meetings unless absolutely necessary or if it somehow relates to the dinner or meeting. using the blackberry too much will cause others around you to be jealous and will ruin the fun for everyone involved.
    12-10-07 04:05 PM
  10. The Incredibles's Avatar
    While shipping a package at UPS, the employee never once acknowledged my existence. He took the package, weighed it, labeled it (per my form), I handed him money, he handed me change, and I left. No hello, goodbye, thank you, etc. The entire time, he was talking (I know, not true BB use, but it's a phone, too!) on his Pearl.
    12-10-07 04:22 PM
  11. fortinbrasa's Avatar
    People should just try and respect people around them no matter if they are on a BB or just talking to someone next to them. It is annoying when people talk really loud on the bus while on the phone.
    12-10-07 04:27 PM
  12. Baroness110902's Avatar
    I have no stories about other bb users...but some non-bb users may have a story (or two) about me.
    12-10-07 04:54 PM
  13. mungera's Avatar
    everybody knows the right time and/or place to use it.. not during dates most definately
    12-10-07 04:58 PM
  14. nightstar's Avatar
    BB etiquette - That's a simple one.

    Under NO circumstances should they be used in a restaurant... Mobile phones are fine, but you don't want some cranky customer dropping your BB in the soup, now do you?

    Also - BB's should never be used at petrol stations... Do you KNOW how long petrol fumes take to wear off???

    Also - Never take your BlackBerry out while around me - It's almost a declaration of war, and steps WILL have to be taken! I, and only I alone, have the title of lord-high-master-mobile-user in my close vicinity! And if one should happen to pull out a Nokia, I shall weep for the BB I would be forced to use as a weapon to defend myself!
    12-10-07 05:24 PM
  15. LethalOreo's Avatar
    will not use it while I am driving.
    12-10-07 05:32 PM
  16. Jhonea's Avatar
    I love my crackberry. At first I didn't understand the meaning of the word, then I got one. Now I've been known to turn down sex for playing with crack. I'm sorry Traci - I love you, but crack is amazing!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-10-07 05:34 PM
  17. Raven's Avatar
    Walking and blackberring
    Blackberring in a Mtg and trying to hide it under the table.
    12-10-07 05:35 PM
  18. justdigphones's Avatar
    I work in a cell phone store, atleast once a week someone will ask me for assistance while they continue to talk/text away.
    12-10-07 05:47 PM
  19. modfish's Avatar
    I mean if someone that is talking to you about something important dont be texting your buddy about the party that night or how the surf is. Simple and effective trust me I made that mistake I was slapped when i was talking to this girl and my buddy texted me about the surf and i respond right away and she smacked me and walked away. Then i really new that I was addicted!! To surfing and my BB
    12-10-07 05:51 PM
  20. joeshark's Avatar
    As with any phone, ettiquete is important. Personally I feel the most important rule if any should be having the phone on vibrate during conversations with people.
    12-10-07 05:54 PM
  21. mattrev's Avatar
    I'd hate to have to break rules.
    12-10-07 06:00 PM
  22. CRZ4BB's Avatar
    Make sure you switch your profile to vibrate when you are in a meeting or in your bosses office specialy if you have a nasty ringtone.....
    12-10-07 06:04 PM
  23. Eddyj90's Avatar
    I think there should be CELL PHONE etiquettes, like no texting when with a bunch of friends, thats really rude. No yelling into the phone (if the person can't hear you, its not my problem), especially in a public place. No annoying noises from your phone, especially on the bus.

    12-10-07 06:10 PM
  24. Rymalone's Avatar
    It depends what you are doing...the importance of your job or task being accomplished. I think there are places in which you should seriously thing about blackberrying before grabbing the awesome device.
    12-10-07 06:23 PM
  25. lawrence.c.lee's Avatar
    It's annoying when you're in a movie theater and the person in front of you has their bb out. The screens are so bright it's very distracting. So no bb in the movies, please.

    (even though sometimes I check mine... but at least i bend down so the people around me don't get distracted).
    12-10-07 06:25 PM
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