View Poll Results: Do you believe there should be rules of BlackBerry etiquette/use?

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12-29-07 01:43 AM
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  1. pimpin_one's Avatar
    - Phone/BB Ringers ... if it's so loud everyone else can hear it, please answer it and don't let it ring over and over.

    - Don't use the BB while driving

    - Don't talk on your phone in a restaurant. Answering the phone is fine, if you can cut it short to say that you're being rude to those around you. Blabbing away on the phone while everyone is trying to eat ... not cool.
    12-22-07 10:28 PM
  2. gegraham's Avatar
    keep your voice down in public
    don't BB and drive
    don't answer or place a call while conversing in person with is rude
    mute your BB in church, theater, meetings, etc.
    ringing BB can and should be ignored occassionally just to show it who is in charge....YOU ARE
    Texting is no substitute for talking... Don't text when you can talk
    Put your BB away when it' snot in use. Holding it in your hand and staring at it all day just makes you look like a pathetic loser with no life.
    12-22-07 10:29 PM
  3. dirtypirate's Avatar
    Thank you, you are the best!!!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-22-07 11:59 PM
  4. w3s's Avatar
    An acquiantance asked for my Pin. I idiotically gave it to him and started receiving msgs from him regarding getting a new job. This was all sent to my workline on my blackberry. My boss wasn't too happy.
    12-23-07 05:31 AM
  5. cdsilv's Avatar
    I believe that metro birmingham AL has outlawed the use of non-handsfree cell phones while driving
    12-23-07 07:27 AM
  6. taff007's Avatar
    I hate boring, loud & inane conversations on public transport. I can't count the number of times I've wondered why people couldn't wait until they got home to have such useless calls. Now if they had a blackberry they could e-mail their boring & inane conversations and nobody would know.

    Also switch your phone off in meetings, and if you do forget and it does ring don't answer and say,'I'll phone you back", just reject the call.
    12-23-07 08:56 AM
  7. jchien#CB's Avatar
    I always have my phone on vibrate unless I am driving or home. The world does not need to know when my phone goes off
    12-23-07 08:58 AM
  8. applejosh's Avatar
    I think proper BB etiquette would probably be similar to cell phone etiquette. I try not to ignore my friends and family by focusing exclusively on my Pearl. I suppose common sense would probably be a good start.
    12-23-07 09:25 AM
  9. Ti2m's Avatar
    BB etiquette should be the same as a cell phone. Is it OK to use a cell phone in a public bathroom?
    12-23-07 11:02 AM
  10. rbsprouse's Avatar
    Sitting in church and looking over to discover the person in front of me on their bb.
    12-23-07 11:29 AM
  11. adnans's Avatar
    when the significant other comes to bed, stop surfing the web and chatting on IM over the BB. just put it down.
    12-23-07 11:33 AM
  12. ligdog's Avatar
    Ettiquete comes from within. A person either has it or doesn't. The Blackberry is a phone that you truly become attached to, you use it as if its been always a part of you. Not having it for your daily adventures is impossible. The ettiquette or manor in which you approach using it is built into you. Thank god that there is this forum, this web site that gives you the oppurtunity to learn and see this great device, its potential and the different stories on what it can do. Think thats why it got the "crack" nickname because once a owner you got that craven to know more, do more and try more. Your ettiquett is on the back burner or coming out without control, without guidence. You have a device your able to sit for hours and hours and really not be on the " phone " as we use to know it to be, but discovering miracle after miracle. Is easy to have ettiquitte at its best with the blackberry in your hand theres so much interest and fun.....
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    12-23-07 12:05 PM
  13. garthmo's Avatar
    my ettiquite is to use it all the time!!!! BB rules
    12-23-07 01:24 PM
  14. Murfunit's Avatar
    Hard to say. I know it annoys my mother royally if I use my Crackberry when I'm supposedly spending "quality time" with her. But then, there are times when she also considers it rude if I so much as answer the phone, so I'm not sure her rection is totally valid.

    On the other hand, I can see where spending quality time with your Crackberry can be seen as inconsiderate to those arround you, if you let it get to an extreme
    12-23-07 01:27 PM
  15. TurTLe's Avatar
    gf annoys me with her bb, she talks to people more then she does me when i'm right in front of her...

    But everythign should be on a case by case. I try to but when those emails start rolling in its very very hard to stop.
    12-23-07 03:46 PM
  16. wisecrone's Avatar
    Blackberry etiquette varies from other types of etiquette because you actually are working with your BB and other people may not see it that way. Like when I am on the computer and people don't think that I am actually working. I try to be senitive to other people who need my attention when I am on a device like a BB, and they don't know if I'm playing a game, listening to music, or I'm actually writing a serious email. I want other people to respect me when I am working, so I need to inform them, I am busy, can you please not interrupt me until I finish this email or whatever it is that I am doing. People will often demand information from me that only me device can give me, but at the same time, they do not respect what I am doing. They think I am jsut a kid playing with my phone.
    12-23-07 04:17 PM
  17. nadia518's Avatar
    no texting & driving!!
    12-23-07 05:16 PM
  18. oupiglet's Avatar
    I can use mine when ever I want. You, on the other hand, must not be rude with yours!!!! )
    12-23-07 05:35 PM
  19. JasonBoris's Avatar
    Somewhat confusing.. Cell phone etiquette or strictly BB etiquette. Their should be some etiquette for cell phone usage in public period! the Nextel chirp should be banned and speakerphone use in public should be punished by being slapped by each person that heard it.
    12-23-07 05:57 PM
  20. PierreC's Avatar
    I agree with wisecrone - etiquette can mean many things to many people. Here are my thoughts on etiquette:

    I hate driving and seeing someone talking on the phone and therefore not paying attention to driving. If my berry rings while I'm driving, I immediately pass the phone to my wife. If my wife is not in the car with me, I pull over to the side of the road, put my 4-way flashers on and answer the phone.

    As a professional trainer, my opening remarks to my students is to turn their blackberry or telephone off.

    Lastly, being in a meeting with 10 people and 8 of them are using their bbs instead of taking an active part in the meeting.
    12-23-07 06:36 PM
  21. cinnamin's Avatar
    i put it down and listen when i have too
    12-23-07 07:52 PM
  22. oceanjwl_tn's Avatar
    I dunno, but for some reason I have this thing about hating people using their phones - any phone - in the restroom... *shiver* that just BUGS me
    12-23-07 08:02 PM
  23. Lynnette's Avatar
    I do not know any other Blackberry users. But I can't stand it when anyone texts when I am working on their nails at my table. Blackberry or any other handheld!!! I charge extra if you mess up that polish!
    Feliz Navidad,
    12-23-07 08:12 PM
  24. ryanbrandt's Avatar
    BB should be turned of when you are playing with your kids.
    12-23-07 11:09 PM
  25. itsjustcrius's Avatar
    As long as I am not being rude or inconsiderate of others then I am ok

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-23-07 11:45 PM
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