View Poll Results: Do you believe there should be rules of BlackBerry etiquette/use?

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12-29-07 01:43 AM
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  1. Heat_Holda's Avatar
    I might be pretty annoying, I'm email ppl while in conversation with other ppl.
    12-18-07 05:56 PM
  2. xj4play's Avatar
    I cannot stand people having a conversation on their phone while at the movies, yes i know your not making noise but the light bugs everyone around you. I will get up and say something to you that s only if throwing trash at you doesnt stop you.
    12-18-07 06:58 PM
  3. ptownfire's Avatar
    Dinner time with the family should be considered a sacred time or event. A time where true communication comes into play. True the Blackberry gives us extended communication but family is and should be number one. My brother used his blackberry while eating thanksgiving dinner with the family. Come on, have a little dignity for the family gathering time.
    12-18-07 07:02 PM
  4. Tanker57's Avatar
    My favorite is the boss that is talking to you while reading his email in front of you and saying, "uh huh and uh huh". Jackazz
    12-18-07 07:14 PM
  5. pipit's Avatar
    Just don't give too much attention on the bb, when you are talking/meeting with someone.

    And i agree, don't type while driving.
    12-18-07 07:27 PM
  6. delthobs's Avatar
    Just use common sense, like the rules for the rest of your life.
    12-18-07 09:18 PM
  7. trainerdoc's Avatar
    Have only ever come across 1 BB user in my life so far.... so I don't think we need a set of rules for Australia....
    12-18-07 09:35 PM
  8. slip415's Avatar
    My BB user friends are very nice, but my Iphone-having-friends like touching my screen.
    12-18-07 09:59 PM
  9. westli's Avatar
    It isn't necessary to shout into a BB. I don't need to hear what a bigshot you are or all the details of your wife's hemmorrhoids.
    12-19-07 01:09 AM
  10. ncmale29's Avatar
    Never seen anyone be rude, just could never understand the need to be connected that tight. But now I love it and can't understand what I did without it.
    12-19-07 02:32 AM
  11. teschall's Avatar
    I think its poor form to look at it in meetings or during presentations. Its disrespectful to the attendees and presenters.
    12-19-07 08:00 AM
  12. tabitha8483's Avatar
    I think the rudest I have ever experienced is my significant other brought his newest bb to the bedroom and lets just say the bb got more action than I did.
    12-19-07 09:05 AM
  13. jonzer's Avatar
    If you need written rules of etiquette then you should not have a Blackberry (or any cell phone)
    12-19-07 09:48 AM
  14. TritonHD's Avatar
    Just like with any phone, the BB should not be used in restaurants, movies, etc. but my personal favorite, not while in line at the cash register, nothing bugs me more than these morons who will hold up the line because they just HAD to answer that call from their friend to hear the latest news on what their friends did at the club last night. I loathe shopping as it is, that's enough to push me over the edge.
    12-19-07 09:53 AM
  15. spicy's Avatar
    use the pin or sms, but dont be letting us all in on your plans for the night, or how crazy your work day was. we all have a life too, and i am sure mine is actually a bit crazier than yours. lol.

    just be quiet, is all really. when you think you are being quiet, try a bit harder. also ask your self, if i saw someone doing this, would i laugh at them?
    12-19-07 09:57 AM
  16. nic#CB's Avatar
    Like cell phones, they should not be used in restaurants, or quiet congregations
    12-19-07 09:58 AM
  17. ktintle41's Avatar
    First off - I don't think the rules should be strict for Blackberry users. It should be for all multi-media phones out there today - even if ours are better than the rest!

    As far as etiquette - it's simple:
    1. Turn off your ringer when appropriate: Meetings, Restaurants, or any other intimate public setting.
    2. Don't type and drive! My biggest fo-pa. And use a headset for the love of God!
    3. When someone is having a conversation with you - keep that s**t in your pocket or on your holster (that goes for all text-enabled phones).
    4. When someone pulls out their new phone, make sure to tell them they should have gotten a crackberry instead!

    Happy Holidays!
    12-19-07 10:16 AM
  18. allensu's Avatar
    Mentioned this in another thread:

    Earlier this year I participated on many on-campus recruiting interviews. I loved it when my interviewer would have his BB out on the desk and buzzing, and especially when they actually interrupted my interview to take a call, email, or whatever.

    Typically was investment bankers checking their latest deal.
    12-19-07 11:05 AM
  19. TomsCruise's Avatar
    No rudeness yet. Rules of etiquette should include: If you don't like the thread don't open it. There should be a forum for off color stuff and one for venting.
    12-19-07 11:08 AM
  20. Blakeford554's Avatar
    I saw a guy use one at a funeral, seriously!
    12-19-07 11:08 AM
  21. leob's Avatar
    I generally don't look at my BB during lunch and dinner. I use to but never felt like I got away from anything.
    12-19-07 11:15 AM
  22. farmdwg's Avatar
    Love my 8310. After being leaving my 7100 series for a Cingular 8125 and then a Nokia E62, I am so happy being back.
    12-19-07 11:15 AM
  23. sharkbarry's Avatar
    My Rule #1... Be curtious when in a public place, i.e. library, movies, etc., and not be talking up a storm and having the phone go off constantly with email, text message and phone ringing... I hate that!... Just put it on stun...
    12-19-07 11:17 AM
  24. google123's Avatar
    Please, ladies and gentlemen, when in a meeting don't forget to set the BB to vibrate.
    12-19-07 11:17 AM
  25. JWR1221's Avatar
    In my opinion, there cannot be one set of "rules" defining etiquette... Mobile communication rules are not as simple as "this is the salad fork".

    I try to define my usage of my BB by being respectful of the situation. For example, if I'm in a meeting at work or having dinner with my family, the BB is off-limits. Stuck in an airport waiting for a flight however, I use it freely, but still try to be respectful of those around me; don't talk excessively loud, no off-color comments, etc...

    Just my 2 cents...
    12-19-07 11:19 AM
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